Do you feel drained?

As human beings we go through so much especially around the holidays. So much is going on and we are barely catching up with whatever we are trying to finish. Often we worry so much, we begin to form negative thoughts. These negative thoughts may seem typical or expected and what if I were to tell you that there is a way to remove them or at least diminish them to a point where these thoughts do not control your daily life and goals. We do not deserve to be enslaved by our negative thoughts, we deserve a fulfilling and abundant life. There are three basic steps to eliminating our negative thoughts. Prepare for some internal freedom.

Take a deep breath before continuing to read- well done! The first step is to focus. Focusing on one thing at a time might seem super simple, but can actually in fact be a challenge. Many people cannot focus past a few seconds or so before they are distracted with something such as a notification or text message from their mobile devices. A lot of people try, but have a difficult time. The best way to train our mind to focus, is to start with basic mental exercises. For starters, we can practice a couple times a day on focus on certain objects for even 15 minutes without being distracted by something else. As each week passes, try to increase the time. Within weeks, we could have progress. We can stare at a rose, at a garden, a puzzle, a car, literally anything as long as the objective to increase our full attention. As we get better with our focus, we will also run into the problem of being captivated my negative thoughts every once in a while. I will go over step 2 in the next paragraph.

You’ve gotten this far and now want to read the next step. Step 2: replacement. You ever notice that you’re having a productive day and everything is going well, then all of a sudden, you start to worry about something and begin to form negative thoughts that begin to drain your mind and energy. This is very unhealthy and can affect you for days and weeks at a time, not allowing you to accomplish anything. Some may say that it’s a phase and that you just need to go through it and hope for the best. Well that may be true that you may go through something undesirable but you shouldn’t allow it control your life. You have a mind and you should be in control; not vice versa. Your mind in a way is like a tv. There are many channels in this tv. Sometimes you’ll change the channel temporarily when commercials are running. All of a sudden, you see something hideous. Rather than fixate on the disturbed nature of the content of the channel, return back to the prior desired channel and run your journey to your destiny. This is how it works with negative thoughts; I’m going to mess up with this audition. Instead of fixating on that sentence, quickly tell yourself that you will do a spectacular job and that you have been practicing so much near perfect. Continuing this type of ritual will drastically change the way you think and you’ll almost never recall any negative thoughts and instead recall your positive thoughts and affirmations to yourself.

Welcome to step three: aka Envision. The word envision means to visualize or have vision for your future life. Living life without a goal of some kind, can often be difficult. The best way to eliminate this difficulty of having to worry about the unknown, is to set goals (have vision) for your life. Each and everyone has their own type of goal to pursue their vision. Try to look at a mirror, or perhaps in the lake at your reflection and try to visualize what you want for yourself in the future, what makes you happy and accept it as already fulfilled. As soon as you do this exercise, write these visions down in your notebook and if you have to, separate each vision by different subjects. Just by doing this, you are already setting your life to the right direction and practicing these exercises will ultimately attract you to the proper opportunities and people that will help you achieve your vision. Always envision, there is more in store for you; greater things.

I hope you enjoyed today’s discussion. Be blessed and I hope to talk about similar subjects again soon. Remember, you are valuable no matter where you came from. Don’t let anyone take that away; always have vision. Remember these three: Focus, Replacement and envision. To help you remember, remember this sentence; Fly the right way effectively .

יציאת מצרים

The Exodus, is the story of the departure of the Hebrews from the Egyptians. You can read it in the Torah. Although a lot can be gathered from the book of Exodus, I do often see it as symbolic in our lives. We more often than not are born in a land of comfort, the same routine, having close friends, having close family, same job, same department store, etc- yet never acknowledging that we are a slave to our environment, fearing any kind of challenge that may one day pull us out of the bottomless pit. We fear making mistakes and are deeply ashamed of the mistakes that we already have made. Why must it be that we should be ashamed of our mistakes? Could it be that we are conditioned to think this way? If we recognize that we are staying in the same songs , can we change the playlist?

Like Moses, I am realizing that there is more to life than just comfort and being in special positions. Moses had it simple, he could of ignored what was happening to the Israelites, yet for something contrary to the common narrative, he saw that the enslavement of the Jewish people wasn’t going to fly while in his position. Of course there was a set back- he fled to Midian and married a Midian named “Zipporah”, the daughter of a midianite priest. They had two sons, Gershom and Eliezer. Forty years had been spent in voluntary exile. Then he returned and did his calling which was to lead the Hebrews out of Egypt. In life we often get distracted by gaining a degree in college, find a wife, have children, yet we fail to envision our vision and purpose. It is greater than what we think. Where you are right now is only your comfort zone: you have purpose, seek it.

Speaking for myself, I have recently moved with my brother, sister and parents to South Carolina. An exodus within our minds has begun. We all quit our jobs, sold/ gave away our belonging to start a new life, still looking for ideas to get back on our feet. We are forming dreams and asking God for his guidance to reach our potential and to not seek for comfort but challenges. Currently, I have been figuring out who I am as an individual and trying my best to challenge myself as well as looking for skills that I already possess and learning new ones. At the moment, I am seeking for ways on starting a business and determining which one would be fruitful. I am brushing up on my writing and lyric skills, even am currently in partnership with a singer from Russia, who is trying to launch her musical career. I am in the process of writing her first official song. If all goes well, she’ll be a successful singer. I am aware that there are two different outcomes, but at least I know what the result will be because I tried and did not allow comfort to push me away from trying. As for books, I’m reading two right now: the richest man in Babylon as well as the monk who sold his Ferrari. I have heard wonderful things about these two particular books. A couple of days ago, I enrolled myself in a negotiation skills class. I am aspiring to accomplish as much as I can. I have made many mistakes in my life, but it has led me to realize that I no longer want to live the same way anymore. Comfort can run away from me, my creator gave me this beautiful life, I will do my best to aim for the stars and I hope you choose to as well. The choice is yours, don’t disappoint yourself.

The sabbath 🕍

Happy Saturday, my readers! It’s 8 pm and I’m actually sitting on the couch as I’m writing this. Just got back from delivering a shelf that I was selling on Facebook. Had it posted for 85 dollars and the man that was interested, offered me 100 dollars to deliver it to his house. So my dad, brother and I went out to deliver it. Got it done within an hour. But it makes me think a little bit. There are ways to make a little extra money on the side if we get out of that after work comfort zone. Most people will automatically have dinner and watch tv right after work then ultimately pass out until the next working day, doing the same thing all over again. Technically we could’ve delivered it the next day, but it made me realize that it’s better to get things complete while the opportunity presents itself. We can never know what will happen tomorrow, so it’s better not to miss out. Besides that it feels highly rewarding getting something productive complete for the evening.

Stay positive my brothers and sisters- keep hustling and don’t miss out on your potential!

An assignment

It’s November 4th and you are reading this whether it be right now or in the late future after I publish this post. Perhaps it’s five years after I post this; regardless. I was listening to a presentation about goals today and it brought up a good point, or should I correct myself and say story. A story about how Jim Carrey was an unsuccessful stand up comedian before becoming a well known actor. It mentioned how he wasn’t doing so great at first, but then his mentality changed. He started to smile more and imagine that he already had what his goals were, displaying his positive attitude. To put his positive faith about himself to the test, he grabbed a check and wrote a check of 10 million dollars. On the date, he wrote three years in the future. A few months before reaching the third year mark, he had become a successful actor, starring in “Dumb and Dumber”. Just listening to this testimony about his success helps me realize that we have the potential to achieve our goals only if we already imagine it in our minds. Belittling ourselves will only block us away from results. Let us only speak good about ourselves, smile more and be faithful with our positive attitudes.

What you think of me isn’t what I think of myself.

You’re looking at the title and probably going like, “what’s he talking about?” I’ll let you read that title one more time. Think about it for a minute. Read it word by word. Great, you know what I’m talking about now. For those that don’t understand on what I’m saying, I shall explain the title.

Do you ever catch yourself on when you make certain decisions that are questionable and how you typically worry more about what other people think than what you think? Don’t worry, everyone has been there. Worrying a little bit is fine, but to a certain point. This certain point is when the worry of what other people think of your decisions starts to control your life. You begin to lose yourself and accept other’s life preferences. Even if you think that of you live the way people expect you to, then you’ll only be happy temporarily, thinking you have avoided all of the commotion. What you have done is only suppress your goals and pursuit of happiness. Sooner than later that pursuit will explode and the desire will be shown. Rather than having yourself blow up mentally, avoid the hassle of living the way the people want you to live and instead live life the way you want to. Don’t look for the validation. In lieu just learn to love, respect yourself and fathom that what matters is that you think well of yourself. Loving and respecting yourself will produce positive results.

I hope this is something that might benefit you. Take care everyone, October is nearly finished and November is close.

Do I need it, or am I just enchanted?

It is Monday the 25th of October and it is 12 in the morning. I’m just in the middle of reformating my old MacBook pro that I seemed to have forgotten that I had in my computer desk drawer for the last three years. Being in the process of moving, I have had to declutter my room and empty my drawers. Due to my decluttering, I made the discovery of my MacBook pro from 2011, larger 17 inch model that was discontinued. After it is reformatted, I’ll see how much it is worth, I reckon it isn’t a whole lot. Regardless, it’ll run like a brand new computer once again. It does bring some questions and answers to mind. Why do we as humans just fill our drawers with futile junk that we will never use? Why are we even picking up junk that we don’t need?

It could have something to do with having a strict set of parents or guardians who made us constantly give our older belongings whenever we received something new. Although that is an immense possibility, I do happen to lean more on the idea that we confuse infatuation for a hobby or a necessity. In case you don’t know the exact definition of infatuation, the definition of “infatuation” is as the Oxford dictionary defines as “very strong feelings of love or attraction for somebody/something, especially when these are unreasonable and do not last long . . .” This is the basic definition of the word and I’ll go even more into depth about it. The word was estimated to be first used in the 1640s-1660s. It originates from the Latin verb “infatuāre”, meaning essentially as a foolish thought that crushes your attention on something else. You are temporarily possessed by misleading ideas that contain foolishness and only leads to folly. Your actions are dictated by infatuation, steering you to an inadequate vision for yourself. As soon as the infatuation fades away, either your time is wasted or space is used for something unproductive. Ultimately, you are looking for a way to mend it with a new vision and have to give away the stuff you have only used a short time or have never even used once.

The next time you think you need to buy something, or perhaps you want to spend some time a project, first question the importance of it, how it will benefit you as a human being in your self development, whether or not you can live without it, the necessity worthiness, etc. We can’t just react, we have to think about it first. Question it all and make sure it’s not just an infatuation.

I personally have spent 1000s of dollars on gadgets that I have mostly given away or sold for a small amount of money. It has taught me that moving forward, I will not purchase anything that I have no need for without questioning the intent and purpose of the product. Not saying that I’ll never make mistakes on buying things that are not expedient as I am only human. I do know that I’ll be more conscious about it and strive for my best. I wish you all the best, love all of my readers including the haters.

Winter is nigh

I haven’t written anything much these last couple of weeks. Sometimes I need a writing break to freshen up my mind. Some of my cousins actually noticed that I haven’t written all that much in the last two weeks, I simply told them that I was taking a break and that I have a lot going on. Since I haven’t wrote a whole lot this month, I shall do a few for this month. It’s like that one saying, “we often don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it.” Some of us might complain that we have a brother or sister that is too loud when they play their musical instruments. Within time the music fades away, we only experience the silence. Silence can be calming but having it for too long can make us miserable and regret some of the irritations we once had before. It only shows that we are not the same people, we slowly change and learn to appreciate the things around us.

I remember when I was a child, I preferred one side of the family over the other. In my case, I preferred my mother’s side. Perhaps it was me slowly being brainwashed by my mother’s siblings and mother. Or perhaps it had something to do with being showered with gifts and money from that side of the family constantly. Or perhaps I didn’t value time over objects. I’m not attempting to throw blame on anyone for the preference I had as a child. I am merely pointing out that the information I gathered with my mind and experiences was processed in such a way that I wouldn’t process today. In fact, I would’ve gotten closer with my father’s side of the family had I would’ve been given a chance to live as a child again. It reminds me of 1 corinthians 13:11

“When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.”
‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:11‬ ‭NIV‬‬

At the same time I wouldn’t think like a real man if I had not lived through with the mentality of a child who had gone through some challenges and self discipline. I have made some stupid mistakes in my life, but I have grown from those mistakes. My eyes have been opened. Imagine if I lived the same way everyday, I wouldn’t be learning and I wouldn’t be evolving into a better human being. Don’t talk down upon yourself because of a mistake or bad act, you are just a human being and you will improve. Be kind to yourself. Challenge yourself. Set a goal every week for yourself. Smile more and laugh more.

A couple of weeks ago, I had my third and last garage sale of the year. The amount of stuff we had for sale had diminished quite a bit since the first yard sale that we had held. We had various things to sell. People were buying stuff left and right, like a familiar piano or violin exercise playing in your mind. Around noon, an older man had shown up with his daughter in law. He was browsing at the stuff. He looks at me, and literally starts speaking Russian to me. Apparently I was talking to another customer, and because his hearing wasn’t the greatest, he automatically assumed I spoke Russian. Of course he assumed properly, I asked him if it was the way I looked or dressed. He said that it wasn’t that at all, in fact I didn’t really look Russian to him as far as he could determine, but because he misheard, he thought I spoke Russian. We kept talking about the neighborhood around us and all the development going around town. He inquired about the bike we had for sale. He mentioned how he loves to ride bikes for fun. After he decided to buy a bike from me, he asks me, “Guess how old I am?” I look and think. Then I answer, “ I’d say mid 70s and possibly 80.” He laughs hysterically, “I am 90 years old. I’ll take that as a huge compliment.” I tell him, “How can this be? You’re very active and energetic for 90 years and yet you still ride your bike around. What’s your secret to living a long time?” He smiles back and says, “The more you stay positive regardless of the difficulties you’re going through, the more you smile and be grateful, the more you joke and have a sense of humor, then surely you’ll live a long life. Not just a long life but a happy long life.” This 90 year old Belorussian man’s word were full of gold. It made me think and remind myself that no matter what we are facing in life, that we must be happy and grateful to the creator above for this life full of opportunity and self growth. I hope this story gives you some incentive on being happy and having a sense of humor.

Wednesday is full of surprises part 2

I know that I just posted part one, but I couldn’t wait. My coworker told me a couple more stories that I know are worth sharing. We’ve discussed a lot of topics in the past month, but this has never come up until today. As I mentioned before, feel free to comment your ghost stories, I would seriously love to read them. The after life is an intriguing subject altogether. So many stories that should be shared.

In the early 90s, my coworker worked as a semi-truck driver. He delivered various products all over the Pacific Northwest. This particular event in his life took place in Merced, California a small town with a population of 80,000 persons. He was pulling over to a truck stop. He badly needed to urinated. A woman who looked like a hooker came up and asked him if he wanted to pay her to spend time with him. He refused, but by the time he opened his door, she vanished. He walked over to the restroom and suddenly she reappeared asking the same question. He responded the same way, this time realizing that something about her was unusual. He ran away as quick as he could, drove away and urinated on the side of the highway. He referred to her as Succubus.

The other event that I’ll share about is when he had to deliver produce to Los Angeles. He was getting sleepy from driving all day and then he saw a nut farm coming up. He thought about it and decided to pull over there to take a short nap before continuing to drive. He pulls into the farm and notices how there isn’t anyone there but a woman who keeps covering her eyes and trying to talk to him. She wouldn’t make sense whenever she spoke, just animal sounds coming out of her mouth. She disappeared as well and he immediately left the farm, shocked and scared of what he had seen.

Wednesday is full of surprises

Been a couple of days since I last posted. I was on an eleven day streak with posting blogs online. I needed a couple of days to catch up on another project that I’m in the middle of. To keep everyone updated, I am still working nights and this week I have mandatory overtime, meaning I have a shorter weekend. Evidently, I’m not complaining, but who doesn’t enjoy time to themselves? It’s already Wednesday and normally at work I have an earbud under my hearing protection to listen to podcasts or music in order to help me get through the shift quicker. It’s not really a big deal, but I’ll appreciate music or podcasts a lot more after my shift.

Today I was talking to a coworker, who claims he had many encounters with the dead. He shared a few stories to me of his encounters. One of his encounters, he mentioned that he went squirrel hunting somewhere in the woods in Wisconsin. He said it was early morning where most people were probably sleeping and he saw a girl who looked to be around five years old hiding in the bushes, crying for help. When he came up to assist her, she vanished and he felt a random tap on his head as if a ghost was mocking him. Another encounter he mentioned to me was in 2007, when his wife, back then his girl friend were driving back from a party. It was two in the morning and two toddlers, dressed in clothing from around the 50s and 60s, were in the middle of the road just playing around. When they stopped on the road to let them pass, the toddlers just looked back, laughed and vanished. Hearing these stories for me brought some chills to my bones. My coworkers also mentioned that if you randomly trip without logical reason, it’s a ghost that is harassing us.

If anyone wants to share any ghost stories, then feel free to share!


Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing day today. I certainly did, I walked around Mirabeau park and the Spokane river. It was beyond beautiful today. After my walk, I got on Uplive (broadcasting app) and talked to many intriguing individuals. There was one person in particular who caught my attention by the name of Elly Castaneda. She and her sister had started a band in the Philippines together.

When speaking to Eli I asked her what brought the inception of beginning her career in music. She mentioned that when she was seven years old, she started to write her own music and then around fifteen years old, she began to produce music videos for her music. When she turned 22 she noticed that her sister, Monique had a beautiful voice. Ultimately, she convinced her to collaborate with her and launch a band called nightmodeconcept. Elly has written about 30 songs so far and will keep on writing more to share to the world. Together they want to travel to many countries to promote their music and to inspire others to do the same.

Below I’ll upload a music video of them performing together. I was truly impressed by their talents and hope to see them produce even more music soon. Also I will include their YouTube link. So feel free to subscribe to their YouTube channel. Stay positive always my viewers! Elly and Monique- thank you so much for sharing your music and giving me the opportunity to blog about you two! You two are going to pursue many incredible adventures and performances. this is the YouTube link for their channel. They plan on releasing more music videos shortly. Stay tuned. Take a few minutes to watch their music video.