Winter is nigh

I haven’t written anything much these last couple of weeks. Sometimes I need a writing break to freshen up my mind. Some of my cousins actually noticed that I haven’t written all that much in the last two weeks, I simply told them that I was taking a break and that I have a lot going on. Since I haven’t wrote a whole lot this month, I shall do a few for this month. It’s like that one saying, “we often don’t appreciate what we have until we lose it.” Some of us might complain that we have a brother or sister that is too loud when they play their musical instruments. Within time the music fades away, we only experience the silence. Silence can be calming but having it for too long can make us miserable and regret some of the irritations we once had before. It only shows that we are not the same people, we slowly change and learn to appreciate the things around us.

I remember when I was a child, I preferred one side of the family over the other. In my case, I preferred my mother’s side. Perhaps it was me slowly being brainwashed by my mother’s siblings and mother. Or perhaps it had something to do with being showered with gifts and money from that side of the family constantly. Or perhaps I didn’t value time over objects. I’m not attempting to throw blame on anyone for the preference I had as a child. I am merely pointing out that the information I gathered with my mind and experiences was processed in such a way that I wouldn’t process today. In fact, I would’ve gotten closer with my father’s side of the family had I would’ve been given a chance to live as a child again. It reminds me of 1 corinthians 13:11

“When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.”
‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:11‬ ‭NIV‬‬

At the same time I wouldn’t think like a real man if I had not lived through with the mentality of a child who had gone through some challenges and self discipline. I have made some stupid mistakes in my life, but I have grown from those mistakes. My eyes have been opened. Imagine if I lived the same way everyday, I wouldn’t be learning and I wouldn’t be evolving into a better human being. Don’t talk down upon yourself because of a mistake or bad act, you are just a human being and you will improve. Be kind to yourself. Challenge yourself. Set a goal every week for yourself. Smile more and laugh more.

A couple of weeks ago, I had my third and last garage sale of the year. The amount of stuff we had for sale had diminished quite a bit since the first yard sale that we had held. We had various things to sell. People were buying stuff left and right, like a familiar piano or violin exercise playing in your mind. Around noon, an older man had shown up with his daughter in law. He was browsing at the stuff. He looks at me, and literally starts speaking Russian to me. Apparently I was talking to another customer, and because his hearing wasn’t the greatest, he automatically assumed I spoke Russian. Of course he assumed properly, I asked him if it was the way I looked or dressed. He said that it wasn’t that at all, in fact I didn’t really look Russian to him as far as he could determine, but because he misheard, he thought I spoke Russian. We kept talking about the neighborhood around us and all the development going around town. He inquired about the bike we had for sale. He mentioned how he loves to ride bikes for fun. After he decided to buy a bike from me, he asks me, “Guess how old I am?” I look and think. Then I answer, “ I’d say mid 70s and possibly 80.” He laughs hysterically, “I am 90 years old. I’ll take that as a huge compliment.” I tell him, “How can this be? You’re very active and energetic for 90 years and yet you still ride your bike around. What’s your secret to living a long time?” He smiles back and says, “The more you stay positive regardless of the difficulties you’re going through, the more you smile and be grateful, the more you joke and have a sense of humor, then surely you’ll live a long life. Not just a long life but a happy long life.” This 90 year old Belorussian man’s word were full of gold. It made me think and remind myself that no matter what we are facing in life, that we must be happy and grateful to the creator above for this life full of opportunity and self growth. I hope this story gives you some incentive on being happy and having a sense of humor.

Wednesday is full of surprises part 2

I know that I just posted part one, but I couldn’t wait. My coworker told me a couple more stories that I know are worth sharing. We’ve discussed a lot of topics in the past month, but this has never come up until today. As I mentioned before, feel free to comment your ghost stories, I would seriously love to read them. The after life is an intriguing subject altogether. So many stories that should be shared.

In the early 90s, my coworker worked as a semi-truck driver. He delivered various products all over the Pacific Northwest. This particular event in his life took place in Merced, California a small town with a population of 80,000 persons. He was pulling over to a truck stop. He badly needed to urinated. A woman who looked like a hooker came up and asked him if he wanted to pay her to spend time with him. He refused, but by the time he opened his door, she vanished. He walked over to the restroom and suddenly she reappeared asking the same question. He responded the same way, this time realizing that something about her was unusual. He ran away as quick as he could, drove away and urinated on the side of the highway. He referred to her as Succubus.

The other event that I’ll share about is when he had to deliver produce to Los Angeles. He was getting sleepy from driving all day and then he saw a nut farm coming up. He thought about it and decided to pull over there to take a short nap before continuing to drive. He pulls into the farm and notices how there isn’t anyone there but a woman who keeps covering her eyes and trying to talk to him. She wouldn’t make sense whenever she spoke, just animal sounds coming out of her mouth. She disappeared as well and he immediately left the farm, shocked and scared of what he had seen.

Wednesday is full of surprises

Been a couple of days since I last posted. I was on an eleven day streak with posting blogs online. I needed a couple of days to catch up on another project that I’m in the middle of. To keep everyone updated, I am still working nights and this week I have mandatory overtime, meaning I have a shorter weekend. Evidently, I’m not complaining, but who doesn’t enjoy time to themselves? It’s already Wednesday and normally at work I have an earbud under my hearing protection to listen to podcasts or music in order to help me get through the shift quicker. It’s not really a big deal, but I’ll appreciate music or podcasts a lot more after my shift.

Today I was talking to a coworker, who claims he had many encounters with the dead. He shared a few stories to me of his encounters. One of his encounters, he mentioned that he went squirrel hunting somewhere in the woods in Wisconsin. He said it was early morning where most people were probably sleeping and he saw a girl who looked to be around five years old hiding in the bushes, crying for help. When he came up to assist her, she vanished and he felt a random tap on his head as if a ghost was mocking him. Another encounter he mentioned to me was in 2007, when his wife, back then his girl friend were driving back from a party. It was two in the morning and two toddlers, dressed in clothing from around the 50s and 60s, were in the middle of the road just playing around. When they stopped on the road to let them pass, the toddlers just looked back, laughed and vanished. Hearing these stories for me brought some chills to my bones. My coworkers also mentioned that if you randomly trip without logical reason, it’s a ghost that is harassing us.

If anyone wants to share any ghost stories, then feel free to share!


Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing day today. I certainly did, I walked around Mirabeau park and the Spokane river. It was beyond beautiful today. After my walk, I got on Uplive (broadcasting app) and talked to many intriguing individuals. There was one person in particular who caught my attention by the name of Elly Castaneda. She and her sister had started a band in the Philippines together.

When speaking to Eli I asked her what brought the inception of beginning her career in music. She mentioned that when she was seven years old, she started to write her own music and then around fifteen years old, she began to produce music videos for her music. When she turned 22 she noticed that her sister, Monique had a beautiful voice. Ultimately, she convinced her to collaborate with her and launch a band called nightmodeconcept. Elly has written about 30 songs so far and will keep on writing more to share to the world. Together they want to travel to many countries to promote their music and to inspire others to do the same.

Below I’ll upload a music video of them performing together. I was truly impressed by their talents and hope to see them produce even more music soon. Also I will include their YouTube link. So feel free to subscribe to their YouTube channel. Stay positive always my viewers! Elly and Monique- thank you so much for sharing your music and giving me the opportunity to blog about you two! You two are going to pursue many incredible adventures and performances. this is the YouTube link for their channel. They plan on releasing more music videos shortly. Stay tuned. Take a few minutes to watch their music video.

Travel goals

Happy Saturday evening, everyone that is reading! I honestly slept in- my body still thinks it’s still on the night shift schedule even though I am off today. I was thinking a lot today, about some more things to add to my bucket list. Possibly starting next year, I want to visit the Philippines, South America, Asia, and parts of Europe. I’ll probably visit the Philippines first. The people in the Philippines seem very friendly and cordial, with ambition to teach more about their culture and politics. They will be open with you and share a level of positivity out of them regardless if they are going through difficult times. I’ve yet to see that in a culture at least from my life. I figured I would share this goal online, to eventually travel all over. Life is too short, make it the best you can out of it.

Special announcement

If you are ever feeling like you are at your lowest, remember that this is not permanent. Hard times come and will make you even stronger than before. The hard times may come first, but the reward sweet as honey and shiny as gold is at nigh. The defeat your looking at right now can and will change if you allow it and acknowledge that nothing is permanent, we can change anything for the better with a better mind set. Don’t be hopeless, turn it into some hopefullness. If you’re feeling horrible inside, try to do a good deed for someone. It might just make you feel a lot much better inside. It isn’t the big things that move our state of mind, but most often the small increments.

Outer banks

I’ve been asked many times if I’m watching any shows on Netflix right now. This current year I have restricted myself to a limited amount of entertainment. I haven’t watched any television show for the past three months. I only got back to a little bit of tv a couple of weeks ago since season 2 of Outer banks was released. It’s been out for a couple of months now, but I only got to it a couple of weeks ago because my focus and time have been elsewhere. This show is about a group of teenagers that live in the outer Banks of North Carolina, they’re on a search for treasure that is supposedly just a legend. I won’t go further into the show, but I highly recommend it if you’re into treasure hunt themed movies and shows. I am almost done with season 2. The season has 10 episodes, and I’ve been taking my time watching it. I’ve noticed for myself that when I binge watch a TV show, I am not as thrilled and a lot of times forget what the show was all about. Watching about an episode a day keeps my mind more likely to recall what a single episode is all about. Overloading our minds with too much information isn’t productive and will only confuse us even further. If I have extra time this weekend then I might finish the season. I only have a couple episodes to go.

A goal for myself

“Save your money!” I’ve heard that countless times ever since I can remember. That might sound simple on paper or heard, but honestly it’s not that easy for most. Easy just might not be the correct word. Factually it’s not that it is easy or difficult to save money, but most people have a problem with starting a commitment for a new goal or routine. I realized that spending money on things that don’t matter can be stopped if we channel that same energy to save instead. So far, I haven’t bought any gadget that isn’t necessary, stopped buying coffee/energy drinks everyday, stopped going out to fancy restaurant, stopped spending money on beer/alcohol, etc. Although all these things in moderation might be fine with having it a part of our life, I have decided that I no longer enjoy these things, but I would rather learn new ways on self improving on becoming an individual that desires to grow financially and have everlasting wisdom. Being financially independent is a characteristic many dream of but lack the motivation to pursue. If we desire this independence, we must put in the work and strive to gain new knowledge on pursuing our goals more effectively. Through reading books and listening to podcasts about finances, I have decided to set a goal for myself to live frugal to the best of my ability and to save money for my benefit that way I can potentially reinvest the money into something that will provide me with constant cash flow. There are other goals that I will be setting for myself but this one is the main big one that I will challenge myself with always. What goals have you set for yourself, or that you plan to set? Feel free to comment or private message me. I would love to hear about it.

Thank you for reading!

hedgehogs 🦔🦔🦔

Recently someone asked me online if I had any tattoos and if so how many?

To answer that question, I only have one tattoo and it is of a hedgehog. I have always been fascinated with hedgehogs ever since I was a child. From Russian folk tales to sonic the hedgehog, I greatly enjoyed the animal that when I turned 13 years old, I bought myself a pet hedgehog without even asking my parents. I wanted one so bad and no one would get in my way. My first hedgehog was Jingles, she was honestly my favorite, but ultimately I bought more hedgehogs and began breeding them. This was a little hobby/side business for me- I even bought my first car from the profits I earned.

I never envisioned on getting a tattoo, but one day when I was 20 years old living in Billings, Montana, the idea of getting a hedgehog tattoo had occurred in my mind. I kept dreaming and reminiscing about owning hedgehogs that I wanted something to remember my hedgehogs especially Jingles by. I am 23 years old right now, have had the tattoo for over three years now. Do I plan on getting another tattoo? It’s very possible. Who knows I might get one next year. You just never know- I am very spontaneous about those types of decisions.

Magical Sunday 🧚🏼‍♂️

I fathom that it is now Monday and what I’m about to share had happened yesterday, but I am going to share anyways. Today I want to dedicate my blog post to Eric and Ilona Davydenko. Sunday was their magical day, the day they became one.

Allow me to begin from the beginning, my brother and I arrived right at 3 PM. We went and picked our seats for the wedding service. Initially the service was planned to be held outside, but due to the weather and certain circumstances, it was held inside. Don’t let this dismay your emotions, it is all about to become full of magical light once you read the whole story. The pastor had begun his sermon on the union of two individuals in love becoming as one entity. As he preached, he had mentioned that Eric and Ilona were one of the most romantic individuals he had counseled through their journey of becoming married to one another. Eric’s grandfather said a prayer, blessing his grandson and his future granddaughter in-law. He made comments that it was truly a gift/blessing from God that he was given the opportunity to see another grandson get married and that the blessing had passed on to another generation. Then Ilona’s father prayed and then Eric’s father said, “May your marriage be based on love. Only love. Love is the greatest thing.” Eric’s father and mother blessed and hugged their son and future daughter in-law. It was beautiful to witness all of this. The pastor then had Eric and Ilona partake in an activity that involved the both of them mixing two types of sand, symbolizing their transition from two people to one. They both did not compete with one another, in fact they both took their time and supported/assisted one another with the task, demonstrating their first teamwork process officially as a married couple. This was quite beautifully demonstrated. An interesting point that the pastor made was that a couple that loves each other will ultimately mimic one another though facial expressions, gestures and attitude. This truly was observed today, truly they are magnetic, better yet, they are like a mirror; reflecting each other in a positive light. After the service, everyone went outside to take pictures and a rainbow could be seen. Truly symbolizing a new, and great beginning.

Eric, if you are reading this: Thank you so much for inviting me to your wedding. It was truly a pleasure to see one of my best friends in getting married. You and Ilona are going to achieve so much! I am honored to have you as one of my best friends. You are an amazing person, full of love for other people. You care about other people. You can go through any obstacle. You are a warrior. One day you’ll be a terrific father and grandfather to so many kids. I know you said you only wanted like 2 kids but I’m sure you’ll have a lot more. After all, you need a bunch of fishing partners for when you go fishing. Same goes for you, Ilona. You are going to be an incredible mother and grandmother. When Eric gets a bruise or scratch, he won’t need a hospital. He has something better and that’s you. Keep up the good work you two, can’t wait to see what all the both of you achieve. Blessings!