First article, what now?

Good early morning, I am Maxwell! Thank you so much for giving me a chance to share my first blog, I have thought about starting a blog for the longest time. For all these years, I was just full of talk. I am now pursuing blogging as a part of my life style, where I can convey the problems of the world, the niches other people have, the hobbies of the recent generation z, and much more. I want to cover anything from a third world crisis to the latest celebrity scandal. I intend to provide the highest quality content and keep your mind informed while at the same time entertained in a fashion where you desire to keep reading and wanting more to be published.

As I mentioned in the paragraph above, my name is Maxwell and I am twenty-three years old, still learning the ways of life and aspiring to fulfill my potential as the creator intended. I was raised by two refugees from the soviet union, who escaped religious persecution and desired to live in a country with religious freedom, opportunity and the pursuit of happiness. My parents wanted all of their children to seek opportunities in this incredible country called the United States of America, where they could all be prosperous and pass on blessings to the next generation.

Why should the reader read my blogs?

  • I can provide my thoughts, ideas and perspectives on the world.
  • I will aspire to report on what the reader wants to read about.
  • As a child, I always enjoyed telling stories when sitting by the fire. The other kids would often enjoy my stories and ask for more. I was young as 7 years old, and I had the interest of satisfying other people by sharing my imagination and incorporating it into a good old tale that we would tell by the fire. As I reached my teenage years, my interest for writing about subjects that I was passionate about greatly increased. I wanted everyone to read what I had to write. Originally I had pursued English as a profession, unfortunately it hadn’t gone to plan. I instead worked in the trades for a few years, desperately needing to make a living. After leaving the trades, I have only realized that I miss writing. I realize I can share my blogs online without having to pursue writing in college.

I realize I may fixate on a few certain topics at first. I can assure you that my writing will evolve as I receive more input and feedback from my readers. I strive to become better at writing and articulating myself as I publish more blogs. Please never hesitate to even give me a negative feedback. I see this as constructive criticism that is there to improve me as a writer and blogger.

You have gotten this far in my first blog, and therefore I want to thank you for giving me your attention and opportunity to catch your interests. I promise that you will see far more better content as the days pass. I will greatly research each subject before making any comments. If I do not have the time to do so, I will make a comment in the beginning that more research is needed before I give a full opinion on the matter.

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