Aim for the stars, don’t run away because of fear!

Isn’t it intriguing that since we were children, we always had some type of goal and perhaps back then we held it as our truth? As we became educated by the public school system, we were taught to be more afraid and worry about consequences for pursuing certain dreams that a lot of people would deem as unrealistic and even idiotic. We were taught a grading system; A-F. Memorization was more important than learning to think for ourselves and amplifying our creativity. I frankly recall quite vividly being laughed at by a teacher when discovering another way of solving an algebraic expression with shorter steps that doesn’t require deep memorization but instead shortcuts that lead us to our solution for an equation. He argued that I needed to solve this equation the way the curriculum had demanded it be solved in order to receive a good grade. That particular event in my life helps me realize that from the beginning, I was indoctrinated that there is only one way to life to be successful. That way of life that was preached was: “One must first graduate with a high GPA, enroll into university and be in massive debt just to work for someone. Please don’t interpret me the wrong way, but college, or university isn’t for everyone. I’m not saying that if we choose to pursue a degree that we’ll necessarily become a slave to our finances, but I am saying that a lot of people end up in that scenario. Also I am stating that we can find other routes to be successful, to provide for our families, to have potential, be wealthy, and even be happy. Not going to college may be the best option. Whether it is starting a business, going to college, working in the trades, or hustling through other means; the world’s potentials are in our hands. We decide what works for us and what doesn’t. If you truly believe that college is for you then do it. If you have doubts about it, then look at other options. I promise it’s not worth impressing our teachers, professors, parents and friends if we’re not living our truth. The greatest battle is in our mind, we must strive to fight for what we truly want. If we aim, we will eventually reach for the stars, not just any but the one we truly marvel at.

As for people that lack belief in themselves due to having a poor history in their academics, they still can pursue college if that’s what they anticipate on pursuing. Keep knocking at the door for what we happen and one day we will find that right door where we will find an entrance that will guide us to getting an education. I urge you to not give up on yourself. There is also another side to this subject about having poor grades. Some of us aren’t meant to be in a classroom learning concepts that don’t relate to our interests. Some of us are “go getters” or want to be our own boss. A lot of these people that lack interest in studying in school in fact end up running a business and hiring college graduates. There is nothing wrong with failing a class or overall despising school. You are not retarded, you are not meaningless, you will amount to something and you are just unmotivated by the education system. There will be a time perhaps sooner than we think that we will find that gold we have been searching for our entire life. We just need to examine our map, and find a route that will safely guide us to that treasure. Some of us want to learn the hard way which is acceptable, but some want to take shortcuts. We pick our destiny, and no matter how we go around it, we are not a failure, but only going at our pace. We must find who we are inside and not imitate our peers. We are the way, the truth, and the life. Once we realize what we truly want to accomplish then we will find victory. Victory often arrives in many failures at first. Through failure ultimately bring progress and success. Not doing a thing and just thinking negatively will just steer us of course.

I am not done with this subject, but please stay tuned to part 2 of “Aim for the stars, don’t run away because of fear!”

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