Mickey-Mouse headbands

Recently I followed @megan_not_theestallion on tiktok. I happened to notice that she designed a wide array of varieties concerning mickey mouse style headbands when watching her tiktok videos. The head bands look so well put together, much better looking than the typical ones you would see at disneyland, or disneyworld. They were super original and of course I had to order one for my younger sister. Just from looking at the website, I was filled with nostalgia. Growing up, I was obsessed with anything mickey mouse related. I loved watching the cartoons, wearing the clothing, and collecting any type of toy/souvenir of mickey mouse. Of course this was something I couldn’t just pass on- I had to seize the opportunity. There were so many different varieties such as: the Florida gators, Yoda, Jasmine inspired, 4th of July style, Hamilton style, and many more. I ended up ordering the Red, Blue, Star inspired ears/headband- it caught my attention, gorgeously alluding to the American Flag piece by piece; ears with blue and white stripes, the ribbon being red and containing one white star for each half and it having the magical/sparkle effect. Megan has perfect customer service, she even shared the many options she had available and even broadcasted on tiktok, showing me how she makes headbands. Even though I didn’t have much experience and knowledge in sewing or understanding fashion, she conveyed it in a way that was super intriguing and persuaded me to want to learn more about the process of creating the mickey mouse product. Shipping was quite fast, only took a little over a day and there it arrived. I opened the package up, and everything was there in excellent condition. She did a pristine job packaging it and even included a Cuban style wooden ornament. I was impressed by it, and gave it to my little sister. Her eyes went from sinking to hovering in awe when she saw the mickey mouse headband. My little sister literally told me that this was the coolest gift ever. For anyone looking for high quality mickey-mouse style headbands/ears, I strong urge and recommend you order from Megan; she only provides with the most creative and highest quality there is when it comes to headbands. Please check out her store at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/MagicalMegCo

Once again Megan,

Thank you so much, and I plan on sharing more people about your amazing headbands as well as purchasing more in the future. You have an incredible talent and bright future- keep it up!

“When people laugh at Mickey Mouse, it’s because he’s so human; and that is the secret of his popularity.”

~Walt Disney

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