Happy Thursday!

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From the first day of starting my blog to a few days later, I have seen some progress with viewers. Many are slowly starting to visit my blog and interacting with what I’ve posted so far. This has been an exciting journey for me. Each day I try to figure out what I will write about on my blog. Sometimes it is super simple to figure out a subject to discuss, but other times it can be quite difficult. I appreciate my close family members and friends for providing me with ideas. Without all of your support and ideas/suggestions, I probably wouldn’t be at where I’m at today. Even the viewers that have hated my blog so far, you give me motivation to want to do better. Your hatred inspires me to pursue myself goals and to not doubt myself. Without your hatred, I would probably not get far in life as I have so far. It’s like that saying, “Keep your friends close and enemies closer”. When you allow the opposition to critique you, you realize what irritates them most and use it as a weapon to self improve in a form that will astonish them at the end of the day. Do not become weak because of their insults, accept it as constructive criticism. You may be taken apart, but you will be more tighter the second time around.

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This week has honestly been really busy for me. I minimized on a lot of items that I no longer needed. Craigslist was great for selling things I didn’t need any longer. It felt liberating having more space in my room once again. I haven’t had this feeling in over a couple of years now. I honestly kind of have collected all sorts of junk that I once thought would have value to it. Truthfully more than half of my so called collectibles were worthless and I had to find ways to give it away for free to someone instead of having to throw it out. Besides de-cluttering, I did a lot of reading on refining gold from inexpensive jewelry often found at yard sales. I’m currently learning more about the process, and I view it as a potential product that can be highly lucrative. Part of the inspiration for desiring to learn more about refining jewelry into gold had a lot to do with a yard sale I held a couple of weeks ago. At this yard sale, I met an individual, who was an environmental engineer. Him and I began talking about whether or not collecting unboxed star-wars action figures was even worth it. His argument was that any action figure manufactured after the 90s was worthless and a waste of money, time, and space. He then spoke about his years going to university and studying for many years to end up opening a couple of offices in Florida and Washington State. He admitted to me that his degree in environmental engineering wasn’t his passion and that he would’ve instead studied his interests without matriculating in university. Chemistry was his favorite subject while studying, had he known what he knows now, he would’ve pursued his hobby, refining gold, for a living earlier. He went ahead and showed me some of the gold that he had made. My eyes were in awe, I had never seen so much gold in my face. He smiled, “I carry a lot more than this. This is my biggest hobby. I go out to yard sales, buy a lot of the old jewelry, pay the seller a little bit more than what the pawn shops would ever pay them. I then refine all the jewelry and make a profit. I literally just made 1200 dollars in an hour by showing other people my gold.” After conversing with the engineer, I was intrigued by it all and began watching many videos on the subject.

I have shared what I have been learning about. I’ve yet to mention that I ended up creating a few videos on tiktok. If I were to talk about Tik Tok a year ago, then I would have told you the most negative remarks about it and how people that use it are stupid. As I have been using this app, my preconceived notions have disappeared. I have acknowledged the expediency of utilizing the app. The app brings up awareness in many issues around the world. The app also shows many tutorials on recipes and projects. There are political people on it. The conversations I have encountered have been marvelous and just a delight to spend time on. Many of the people I have met on Tiktok have inspired me to do my own skits and political videos. I even made a funny video about me running away from Joe Biden. If you want to watch it, then look up my username, primitivefoundation. I currently have over 700 followers. As soon as I reach over 1k followers, I will have the capability of broadcasting. I am thrilled to acquire this opportunity soon. It will be a great method on getting more subscribers to my blog. To me more people is equivalent to more inspiration, criticism, motivation, and ideas. I am hungry for all of this.

Tomorrow is my sister’s wedding rehearsal. She is getting married this Saturday and I am so happy for her and my future brother-in-law. I have honestly waited for this for many years, I even remember envisioning it when I was around six years old. Hopefully rehearsal goes nice and smoothly tomorrow. I still have to write a letter or something for my sisters wedding. Regardless, I will write something for her and Alex. The question is, will I be able to give a speech for the wedding? I’ll find out on Saturday. Either way, no harm is done- I will send them a link to my website for them to read if I do not receive an opportunity to speak at the wedding. Veronica and Alex- if you both are reading this, I am super excited for the both of you and am looking forward to writing my speech tomorrow. As for today, my blog entry is a bit different than usual and perhaps I may make it a thing to reflect about my week once or twice a week. I understand that my viewers may be wanting to know what I have been currently keeping my mind and body busy with. Tomorrow will definitely be busier for me, but I still plan on posting something even short. I can assure my viewers that I will at least publish my speech for the wedding.

It is now midnight and I am about to head to sleep. I would like to thank my readers again for spending a few minutes of their day to read my thoughts. You are always keeping me going with my blogging- I’m not sure what I would do without you. If you feel like making any comments, have questions, or would like to make a suggestion, then absolutely please comment below. If you would like to talk to me in private, then absolutely email me. I am constantly checking my emails and I strive to respond as soon as possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, you all are a blessing. I look forward to tomorrow- stay tuned! 🙂

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