Good Friday

It’s been a good Friday for myself. My apologies if my title is a bit misleading. This is not the intention whatsoever. As I reported yesterday, today was in fact busy as I predicted. I woke up around 8:30 to check all of my emails and make sure I didn’t miss anything important, then I officially removed myself out of bed at about 9 am. I brushed my teeth and dressed up. My brother and I ended up loading a bunch of water and decorations into the trailer for my sister’s wedding. In about half an hour we loaded and organized everything into the trailer, then proceeded to pack our clothing. We ended up leaving town after noon to drive out all the way to Yakima to participate in my sister’s wedding rehearsal. The drive was three hours, so my brother and I decided to an audio book called “six pillars of self-esteem” by Nathaniel Brandon. The book wasn’t just an typical book, it discussed the importance of having self-esteem and how there is never too much; only low or high. He talked a lot about that we must work rapidly, meaning that we pursue our goals and not allow fear to take over as well as just keep pushing through. He even goes far as to articulate that it doesn’t matter what the ending entails, only that we pushed through and tried our best. What also stuck out to me was his lecture on having an affirmation prompt with a beginning and us finding a different end for the affirmation.

For example: Living consciously means to me that I will love my children no matter what. Living consciously means that I will participate around in helping the community.

There are no wrong answers, nor are there any dumb or silly answers to these prompts according to Nathaniel Brandon. He says that we shouldn’t be ashamed and that In fact by doing this type of exercise each morning for around 10 minutes can impact us in a positive manner. There is potential of positive change in a matter of weeks. When we do this, do not look at yesterday’s entry. Instead we should look about a week or so later and compare each day and acknowledge our self improvement.

Another concept that stuck out to me by the author was how he defined “Self Acceptance”. The way he presented it as a natural egoism which is beneficial for the individual. He goes on to say that egoism is what a lot of people need but do not have. Also he says it is our birth right to have natural egoism. Also part of the definition is self respect which means to value ourselves, stand up for our existence, fight for our life even when in despair, keep moving on; conveying the force of life, also entails the willingness accept experience without the denial and evasion. We are what we are. It is vital to experience the present moment without fixating about the past, and fearing the future. We must accept ourselves and this doesn’t mean that we must like who we are, but acknowledge the truth of who we are . Even if the truth is eccentric or weird, we don’t need to rationalize it. Acceptance is honor to our reality. Even if we have flaws or defects in our life, it doesn’t mean that we approve of it, only that we acknowledge and realize it is a part of our internal self. Denial of who we are will only hurt us and keep us in a prison in our minds.

After listening to the audio book, we finally managed to arrive to Yakima just in time for the rehearsal. Rehearsal went smoothly thank the Lord. We rehearsed for about a couple of hours and then decided to eat at the Waterfire restaurant and bar. I had never heard about this restaurant before, but apparently my sister did some research and discovered that it was one of the best dining places in town. We had reserved a table for fifteen people and ended up eating on the second floor. Fine plates, silverware, and cloth napkins were laid out. I was impressed with the layout and service. First they brought out fresh bread and butter, then we went ahead and ordered appetizers. Some of us ordered a salad, soup or nachos. After appetizers, I ordered a medium-well done hibachi. The meat was nice and savory. I could have it for dinner a few times a week. The mashed potatoes that came with it, had a smokey aroma and taste with skin left over for that western style flavor. I was not disappointed nor was anyone else in the group. If anyone is out in Yakima, Washington and trying to figure out where to go out for dinner then definitely try Waterfire restaurant and bar. They have so many different selections for food and drinks. I won’t even spoil the menu, but definitely do search them up.

Well I’m off to bed, I apologize if there are any spelling errors. Sometimes my eyes will miss my mistakes. Regardless, I will reexamine my post in the morning and will correct if need be. I was going to write my speech for the wedding tonight, but I have decided to instead wake up early and write. I’ll post it on here tomorrow as well.

Stay positive my readers, you all rock!

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