A dark tunnel? I promise there’s some light at the end

Good morning, my readers!
I hope you’ve have a productive week so far. I know that Wednesday can honestly be the toughest day of the week and some of us are probably looking forward to the weekend. Many of us despise having to go through Monday-Thursday. But why do we have to? Is it because of bills? Do we doubt ourselves? The answer to the first question is we simply do not have to work at that job at least not for longer than we need to. There are times when we me move and just need a temporary job to get by, but soon enough, we find something better for us. I would say that we should look for something better. Evidently, we won’t find it the next day but within time we sure will. I worked as a heat and frost insulator for three years and absolutely hated it. I thought that I was trapped because I was in the union. I thought that the field was the best I could achieve and have as a profession. I was dead wrong- I could do better. I hated the job and I wasn’t going to let it imprison me anymore. I was taught to believe that union was the best lifestyle in achieving the American dream. It may have been great for some folks, but it was not for me. It made me unhappy and always too tired to be able to pursue another interest or goal. Right now where I’m at, I’m learning about different ways of making money on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I do have a temporary job just to pay the bills. Eventually as time passes by, I won’t need it because of my endeavors that I’m busting my butt for. Originally, I worked in the union due to the fact, I was in debt and doubted that I would accomplish anything better. I am now debt free and not working for the union but mostly pursuing my goals on my self improvement as a future businessman. Please do not call yourself stupid, or unable to finish something. This is a lie that you have been feeding yourself for far too long. Let go of all the negativity in your mind. Eliminate any bondage with the thoughts. Start feeding your mind right and treat it with respect. Tell yourself everyday that you are better than this and that you will look for a better option for your life. Tell yourself that you are not stupid and that working somewhere that you aren’t happy is wrong and that you will find some better soon. Having that goal and thinking about it on a daily basis will attract the right people, ideas, and opportunities. The answers are in plain sight, only that we’ve been not wearing our glasses to clearly see it. Once we address the dirt and stains in our glasses, then we will use the right chemicals to see clearly. When we play I-Spy, it will be much easier to find what we are looking for. Never give up and always think of your happiness and how you want to stop being entrapped in the wrong mindset.

When you’re down, think of things that make you smile and think of ways to get to smile. You being upset regardless of the situation is your choice. You can either be going through a tough time with a negative attitude, barely getting by- or you can have a tough time, but have the smile and desire to find a solution that will make life greater and more worthwhile as well as knowing that hardships aren’t the end of life, but only the beginning of a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

As always, stay positive my readers! The world is yours- and don’t let anyone stop you 🌺

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