After having tiktok for a few months now, I now have over 1000 followers and am now able to broadcast. So far I’ve broadcasted a couple of times and have met some really neat people on there. I’m also able to have people join my broadcast and communicate with me. Having the ability to have a guest on live gives me fresh content to talk about. I have been trying my best to have users on tiktok to view my blog and see if they can gather information that might free their minds to see life in a positive aspect. It seems as though many suffer to not see the positive but the negative. Looking for the negatives will not help us. It will only confuse us and bring misery. I want to free people. I want to help them become positive. I want to help them set goals. I want us all in a sense to be a collective consciousness that strives and desires for each and everyone’s self to improve for the better that way we can help the people around us. Our culture is full of fear and negativity. Why not utilize social platforms like tiktok, Instagram, and YouTube to build people from the bottom to the top? I feel like I used to always look at social media as negative but what I only realized recently is that I must be the change and set a new precedent for social media. My precedent is positive thinking. The previous precedent will be soon gone. Each of us must do our part to make a difference. Most assuredly we will make a difference; every one of us working in the areas that we are the greatest at to improve our surroundings. Don’t be appalled at the negativity that we witness online- it is about to minimize because we are that change. We the people will change the mindset. The past was temporary and therefore the present is a gift to create the future.

Besides getting the 1000 followers on tiktok. I went on a walk yesterday around lake Coeur’d’alene. The weather was perfect. My brother, along with our friend, Roman and I had seen many mallards swimming around that were foraging for food. It was incredible to watch them swim around and dive in the water. I will upload some pictures to show the ducks. Also I’ll include a screenshot of the coordinates in case my readers are around. There’s also a picture of a beautiful mansion I wanted to share. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think. I’m going to try and broadcast today on tiktok under the username primitivefoundation. Since it’s Monday, I will try to figure out some topics to blog about for the week tonight.

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