September already, where did august go?

I’m sipping on a whipped strawberry rockstar, one of my favorite rockstar flavors- not too sweet but a little hint of whip creaminess. Let’s just say that I’ve always preferred rockstar above most major energy drink brands. Some have suggested that I slow down with the rockstars. Recently I have but I still like my caffeine here and there. Caffeine stimulates myself to be more productive. I definitely need to be productive without caffeine, I whole heartedly agree and I’ve slowly been getting there. Caffeine is a tool, but shouldn’t be abused to impact my healthy negatively. All this talk about caffeine makes me want to write about the inception of Rockstar. Stay tuned to this. Hopefully I’ll have something written up about it this weekend as I’m not working Friday-Sunday.

Back to business, I am aware that I haven’t posted any content in a couple of days and for that I apologize and I commend your patience in waiting. Instead of posting one blog a day, I will plan on posting about 2-3 a day during the weekend. Working nights has definitely made me a bit more tired and still adjusting to the schedule. Normally I’d be typing at night and now I’m blogging during the day.

I was listening to a few different motivational speakers this entire week, had my earbud on while working. Figured I would feed my mind with motivational information. Listening to David Goggins, Joe Rogan and many others, I’ve noticed how they all mention that to get where we aspire, then we must do the steps to get there. No one will save us, but us. If we want to write a song, or start a business, design furniture, take professional pictures, then we must do something to ignite it. Pick up that guitar and start finding rhythm- project your mind into reality. Look for opportunists, talk to people, research to start that business you have been envisioning. Start exploring different styles of furniture for inspiration- experiment with your ideas. Pick up that camera and take pictures for your best friend’s wedding. These are just plain suggestions. It’s up to you on the steps you proceed with. There is no manual, only what works for your reality. I am finding my steps, doing my best to meet people, explore new ideas, writing down my thoughts, something… As long as we focus on our goals, we’ll get there. Some of us sooner and some of us later. It doesn’t mean it will all be easy. Hardships create strong men and women.

I understand this wasn’t a whole lot for today. I anticipate to write much more tomorrow. August has flown away fast, prepare for September to be full of more writing than last month.

Be blessed and stay positive!

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