Happy Saturday Ya’ll! I hope you all are having a spectacular weekend. After all, Labor day is coming up and it is officially almost the end of Summer. It’s officially midnight for me and as per the usual, I have a rock star in my hand- Whipped Strawberry. It makes sense, since I want to blog about Rockstar today. I might have mentioned before, but I prefer rockstars over any other leading brand- not only is the name a perfect one, there are many flavors in both sugar or sugar free forms; each flavor has a different illustration in each can. The look of every can is quite catchy, and makes the consumer more inclined to purchase the product. Who wants a monster with scary claws and that some claim represents “the mark of the beast”, when you can have a can full of art, fun and positive party vibes? The taste of any rockstar in my opinion by far exceeds most energy drinks, and don’t get me wrong, there are a few other energy beverages I enjoy. I enjoy rockstar at most. Enough about me boasting about how much I enjoy rockstars, I want to cover the inception of Rockstar.

Rockstar was started by Russ Weiner also known for being the son of the talk show host, Michael Savage. Since as a child, Weiner had entrepreneurial ambitions. At age eight, he began his own yard service venture that began to mold him into who he is today. Also as a teenager he worked at Wendy’s. Besides having an interest in being an entrepreneur, he also had political interests as his father, which ultimately brought him to pursue a bachelors in political science at San Diego State University. He graduated and then sold trips to Mexico and Hawaii, targeted to high school graduates that wanted a sensational trip before having to attend college. In 1998, he ran under a conservative ticket to become a member of the California State Assembly. Unfortunately, he only landed roughly 30.5 percent of the votes. This of course wasn’t the end for him, after showing his performance and skills in running a political campaign, Skyy Vodka founder, Maurice Kanbar was galvanized that he even offered Weiner a position. According to Weiner, Kanbar was impressed with his patriotism. These were Weiner’s words with Forbes in 2014:

“He saw I had the guts to stand up with the American flag — and people cursing my name,

Working at Skyy Vodka positioned Weiner one step away from reaching Billionaire status. While working for Kanbar, he had a realization that he should run his own energy drink, especially after seeing that many companies that launched their own energy drink began to generate revenue terrifically. He tried to propose his idea to Kanbar and due to different viewpoints and the both of them not seeing eye-to-eye, Weiner left his position at Skyy Vodka. After receiving a 50k mortgage loan from his condo and creating his brand design, he officially launched his company in 2001. Many consumers were amazed at his product, viewing it as cheaper than Redbull as well as having more caffeine content and a larger size for an energy drink can. Energy drinks during the early 2000s were not huge in size, and Rockstar’s 16 oz can had launched a precedent for a newer energy drink standard. He had a few different ways to promote his product, but one unusual method was driving an older limousine with rockstar painted at the side of the vehicle. At first Rockstar was in partnership with Coca-cola, who handled the distribution up until 2009 when the partnership ended due to Weiner having a short circuit in his behavior that had caused many persons to leave their jobs. In 2009, Pepsi purchased rockstar for an estimated amount of $3.85 Billion. After selling Rockstar and gaining a new deal with Pepsi, Weiner had mentioned that this was proof that substantiated his belief that the American dream was and is still alive. Before selling, Weiner owned 85 percent of Rockstar. Weiner now owns various properties, houses, mansions and even a Yacht named “Rockstar” that is 161 feet long. The yacht includes a gym, Jacuzzi and sleeping room for up to 12 people, making it a massive yacht. The yacht was manufactured by Trinity Yachts based on a design by Geoff Van Aller.

Now that you have a little background on the inception of Rockstar, I want you to consider that if you have an idea that you want to manifest in reality, I do not want you to discount it as silly or foolish. Try to find a way to incorporate it into a reality. We can accomplish so much, we just need to always be vigilant to find a path to guide us. Never give up and keep trying. I truly love this story of Russ Weiner, he truly portrays the American dream of pursuit of freedom and happiness a legitimate possibility when we persevere regardless if someone else thinks our ideas are ludicrous. This story inspires me and another reason I drink Rockstar. Rockstar reminds me of this incredible story. I will find my idea into fruition one day. You will too, just keep channeling your mind. In God speed it will all happen if we do something and fight. Sometimes we might have to quit our jobs, but we must do whatever logically makes sense for us to improve in our completion process of our aspirations.

By the way, I’m now drinking a Rockstar Xdurance. I’ll post some pictures at the bottom of what I drank during writing this blog entry. Regardless of the difficulties you may be going through, you have the higher power with you. Stay positive always. 🙂


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