Happy Labor Day!

Good morning, everyone! Just got on to check the stats of my blog and I just received a notification that my website has received already over 500 visitors. This might not be a whole lot, but to me that is progress. I’m glad I am seeing some type of growth rather than no growth. I’m hoping that I will reach over 1000 people in the coming weeks. I’ll attempt to focus more issues that the readers are wanting me to focus on. I exhort all of you to contact me and send me your suggestions. I’ll try to cover every single topic to the best of my ability. Even if I know a very little to not a thing about a certain topic, I am willing to research and gain more knowledge about it. Knowledge brings awareness. Awareness brings action. I want to contribute in a manner that will benefit my readers to look forward to each day and to not give up.

Most of you reading this are probably off today because of Labor Day. It might be nice for you to have the extra day off, or perhaps you really needed the hours and wanted to make overtime for the holiday. Try to look at the positive as best you can. You might have been told to not work, but remember you are given time to instead have a good time to yourself, spend time with family, more time for the body to recover from work. The benefits are endless. If you are working, then please take your time and don’t do anything above your capability without assistance. Your life is far worth more than your job. Jobs are replaceable, your life isn’t.

It has been over a year since my uncle passed away. He may have had a shady past, but he had a good heart that he found difficult to express. I may have some bad memories of him, I want to share a good one of him. This had to have been the Summer of 2016, I took him fishing with me to the Spokane river. It was a hot day with a slight breeze. He didn’t really like to fish, but just liked to watch and talk. I wasn’t catching anything for hours. Something wasn’t right. I didn’t even have a bite. As I was about to end my fishing early, my uncle Boris did something out of the ordinary. He pulls out one of those new testaments that you get for free from the fair or events. Rips off one of the pages, and rolls weed with it. Then he says, “After I smoke this holy blunt, you will catch a fish in the name of Jesus Christ.” I looked at him funny and almost laughed. Regardless, I recasted my fishing pole and literally in a matter of microseconds, I had a strong bite, that the both of my arms felt like were being pulled so forcefully. I kept reeling it in and there it was, a bass above average size. I didn’t know what to say to my uncle, but he looked at me and said that it was his faith and the power of Jesus Christ. I’ll never forget this event in my life.

Hope everyone enjoyed my short story about my uncle Boris. It’s been over a year since he was murdered, but I’ll never forget some of the interesting stories about him. Today felt like an opportunity to share a story about him. When I’m feeling it, I’ll share more stories about uncle Boris.

Thanks for reading and be blessed! Have an amazing Labor Day- go out and take a swim or better yet, go catch some fish.

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