Freaky Friday

It’s been a busy yet a productive week to describe it. I’m listening to my little sister play the piano right now. When I was younger I played the piano for a few years or so. I honestly enjoyed it, but it gives me another perspective by listening to a piano being played versus myself playing. I appreciate the value of the music manually produced now than I did as a child and teenager. Could I play the piano right now if I had to? I definitely could still read the sheet music and figure out wear to place my hands, but I firmly believe I could refresh on it a bit quicker than an intermediate. It’s almost like riding a bike, you never fully forget but need to retrain in order to be uniform again.

Today I received my first pay check from my new job. It’s always been a good feeling to get paid, but I know that I won’t be working for someone always. Ultimately, I’ll be working for myself. Being our own master and having our own assets will bring us control, cash flow and financial independence for our own individuality and gain. I’m not saying that working for someone is a negative thing, but for myself, I want to grow and be independent for once. If you plan on staying with your job/position and love it, then aspire to grow in your job rank. Growth is beneficial for you; more pay, responsibility, recognition, opportunities and etc. Everyone has the option to be the master or not. Regardless we should strive to make the experience a positive one that will enhance us as people. All because you work for Albertsons or any grocery store, doesn’t mean that you can’t be a director of the location one day. I know people that started off as a bagger or a cashier and slowly grew up in the ladder. One of them just works at an office, managing the supervisors and essentially enforces the foundation of the store. He loves it and says his hard work has gotten him this far in life. It just takes loving what you do, showing initiative, showing up, working smart and hard. Not caring about what we do at all will not give us the proper type of recognition. Bad recognition is not what we should desire. Being seen as a sharp individual is what should be desired if we plan on growing up the ladder when working for a person.

I was listening to a lecture by Jim Rohn. He made a lot of interesting points that made sense. He suggested that people that want wealth should read books about wealth. He even went far as to suggest that we should even examine what the wealthy eat, figure out what they do differently from poor people. Maybe we should change certain habits in our lives. He went on to say that to not read what poor people read, only know what not to read. Another big point he made was that to get a bunch of advice from a millionaire we should try to invite them out to dinner, pay for their meal. Some might look at this as foolish, but to get certain information to profit you as a person then you must exchange it with something of value. By doing this, the person we invite will see that we’re not kidding around. We want to hear all of his/her advice. We want their manual. We want to network with them. We want a foundation. This made me think more about it, when I meet more millionaires and business people, I anticipate on having them out to dinner, fishing trips, walks, etc. They’re giving up their own expense aka their time, to be with us. The least we can do is make it worthwhile for them to help us grow. The cycle will continue, one day someone will invite you for something, asking for your advice.

I was given the suggestion of reading “The millionaire next door”. This book is next on my list. I have heard many positive attributes about this particular book. I plan on sharing my thoughts about it in the near future. Tomorrow my cousin, Evelyn is getting married. I’m super excited to attend. Time has flown by way too rapidly for me to notice. A lot of the people we grew up who we always considered as toddlers are now growing up so fast. Some are having families, some are traveling around the world, some are making magnificent discoveries; it is truly incredible to witness all of this. I just hope it doesn’t rain too much as it did today. I’ll take some pictures and have to upload them on my next blog post. Stay tuned to the pictures.

Thank you again for reading my post! You guys are incredible. 🙂

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