333 Pinecone Jam

It’s 3:33 am right now and I cannot fall asleep. Before someone tries to say that I had too much caffeine, I hardly had much today since I had the day off. I feel as if my body is naturally on the night schedule now no matter whether I’m off for a day or two. Any of you have this issue? Definitely feel free to comment about it. With my sleeplessness, I was scrolling through random videos on tiktok and noticed someone that had two pet raccoons and honestly they seem pretty well behaved, almost like a dog. I literally see it as a possibility for me to even have a raccoon as a pet sometime in my life. Growing up as a teenager, I raised various exotic animals. I was that kid that would bring home an animal without asking my parents. Some animals that I had raised were hedgehogs, rats, snakes, peacocks, emus, pheasants, exotic ducks, quail, chukars, geese, chickens, etc. I really enjoyed having these types of pets and I had a huge enjoyment over them.

Other than not being able to sleep, I did try some pine cone jam. Yes, it’s literally something you can eat and the pine cones are all edible. Apparently it started in Siberia as a medicinal food that you would have a teaspoon or two of. They would use it for inflammation, as well as treating gastritis and ulcers. It can also help with treating a cold, has anti-viral properties in the syrup. speaking of which, I was coughing and my nose was a little runny and literally within half an hour this jam helped my symptoms vanish. I’m not joking and I’m glad my dad told me about it. I’ve never heard about it until yesterday. Feel free to research more about it, but I definitely recommend buying a jar of it, even for just the taste to have with cheese and crackers or over some vanilla ice cream.

Let me know what you all think if you end up trying it. Blessing and may you all have an amazing weekend!

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