Quick recap of my weekend

The work week was busier than usual. I got moved from sanding the metal to bead blasting and de-fixturing metal flanges. Honestly I don’t mind the move, I definitely get more interaction with people this way. Most of the people are very friendly and willing to teach me everything I need to know in order to succeed. The first day of the transition was a bit difficult but after making a couple mistakes and realizing the right questions to ask, I quickly fixed my errors and improved greatly all in one day. Even one of my supervisors was impressed and astounded at the same time. He said he hasn’t seen anyone improve at a skill that quickly in a long time. This indeed was encouraging for me to hear. There was one man that I was working with, I won’t mention his name. But for the sake of the story, I’ll call him Jeffrey. Jeffrey has always been so negative with other workers at least since I started working for this new company. I haven’t really seen him smile or be friendly one bit, which is fine. I don’t allow that to change how I feel inside. I do my best to always stay positive and see the light even when I’m in a dark situation. On Thursday I asked him if he could check my work and make sure I properly followed the instructions. He became all upset all of a sudden because I asked for his guidance and tried to say that I need to follow directions better even though it was my first day learning a different skill than usual. Later at the end of the shift, he became upset and said that I lied about knowing where a certain chemical was kept for whenever we were low and went on to say that I needed to stop being a liar and become a better worker. He tried to be condescending as possible and even when one of the machinists was trying to teach me an intriguing skill on machining certain metals, he told the other machinist that I’m a nobody and should only know certain skills and not learn any further. I later told Jeffrey before leaving that no matter how negative and condescending he behaves, I will not be affected and in fact stay positive. I also said that I have better things outside to do than think about the drama he is trying to cause at work between employees. He looked at me with shock and said, “see you next week.” It felt amazing shutting down his negative program and I feel he might look at me differently the next time we have some type of interaction.

On Saturday my cousin, Evelyn got married and about 150 people attended. It was in a good little area in the country. You could see a greenhouse, chickens and cats roaming around. Even the garage was remodeled into a building for hosting weddings. Everything was so well thought out, wood work was beyond incredible. Although this was a smaller wedding than usual, it was nice and peaceful and gave me a chance to catch up with my cousin’s on my father’s side that I hadn’t talked to since the passing away of my paternal grandfather (that’s a story for another time). Some of my cousins want to be missionaries and even one of them by the name of Angelica is studying in seminary school out in Orlando, Florida. She stated that she wants to travel around the world and help as many people as she can through spreading the gospel. It was amazing to see her smile as she described her enthusiasm for missionary work. I could literally tell that she was sincere in everything that she stands for. Angelica, if you’re reading this, I wish you many blessings and may God always give you strength in your endeavors. The entertainer, Maksim, at my cousin’s wedding did a splendid job on entertaining the crowd. He even hosted a few games for the wedding. One of the games was where you had the kids look for certain objects and whoever found that object first won a prize. One of the orders was to find a Bible and of course no one had a Bible where we were eating. So I had an interesting thought. I grab a napkin and write “the Bible” on it, then I hand it to one of the kids. The child hands it over to Maksim. Maksim looks over and says, “clever. I know someone that attempted doing something similar, except his instruction was to find a hundred dollars. Good job, regardless.” Everyone had a good laugh and smiled about it. My family and I took lots of pictures with my cousin, Evelyn and her husband, Andray. I’ll have some pictures posted below. We all had a lot of food and russian style desserts. I hadn’t had this much sugar in months. I literally almost had a sugar crash from all the sweetness. Near the end of the wedding, we all prayed and then lit some Roman candles to congratulate the couple one more time. We were all so happy for them. The sparkles and excitement filling us with a happy spirit. Andray and Evelyn congrats on your marriage, may you both have the best life ever! Always be adventurous!

After this wedding my brother and I were talking about possibly getting into the wedding business. Perhaps not full time but we wouldn’t mind doing this as a gig for during the summer for whenever we’re wanting to do something different to make a living. We’ll absolutely see if we end up trying to pursuing this as a gig, but it could perhaps be an option for the both of us. Interesting fact about my brother and I, we’re both ordained ministers. We can legally marry any one.

Monday is finally here, it’s now three in the morning. I hear a few cats meowing outside and the dogs barking. I’m not sure why they’re making noise this early. I on the other hand am beginning to feel sleepy and realize I should start resting as I have my shift starting at 4:30 pm today. This weekend truly went by fast and I wish it had went by slower. But what that means is that I had an enjoyable weekend. Thankfully I have one more wedding coming up this weekend before Summer is officially over. I’ll have to write about it next week. I’ll keep you all updated. I hope everyone enjoyed my post today. Even if you didn’t, I hope you have an amazing day and that you experience something noteworthy this week that will change your life for the better. You are all amazing people. Never underestimate yourself and always keep your head up high.

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