September 16th, 2021

I couldn’t come up with a title for this blog post, so why not the date? Today is Thursday and of course I am working tonight. Typically this is the last day of the week to work but this week I was requested to work an extra eight hours tomorrow (Friday) which is fine. A little bit of extra money is fine sometimes, but working overtime constantly is not my thing. I have worked too much overtime the past three years when I was still in the union, averaging 60-70 hrs a week. I was burned up for sure. Plus I paid more taxes so it honestly wasn’t worth it. It took me three years to realize this, so definitely take the advice if you need it. It’s better to work on yourself overtime instead of your boss or a company. The best I can do is work on myself to find other methods to make revenue than have to work for someone.

Another thing I thought about mentioning is that we should be more frugal with our money and instead of just spending it on gadgets, or going out to fancy restaurants every day, we should invest it into something whether it be in real estate, stocks, business startups, flipping houses/cars. At least our money can grow and ultimately have some type of cash flow system that works for us. Try to find something we (you) enjoy and see if there’s a way to invest in it. Not saying it has to be something we enjoy, but it can be a way to figure out how to start. Have a discussion in your mind about it then write it down. Writing your ideas can help you grow more thoughts and even make it easier to attach your thoughts with someone else to produce something extraordinary.

My break is about to end and I’m thankful that I got some time to share my thoughts that have been on my mind this week. Be blessed you all!

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