Phone culture

Doesn’t it seem as if most of us are repeatedly buying a new phone literally every 6 months without even questioning the logic behind it? I have noticed this type of behavior in my country for the past several years. I personally switch out a phone every three years or so when the phone begins to barely function. I recently only bought an IPhone 12 Pro. Do I like the phone? Yes, I do and I only bought it because my phone was a few years old and began to have problems appear. I am not telling anyone what to do and I only suggest that perhaps we shouldn’t be so haste on buying a new phone every time a new one is release. Maybe we should instead save our money and find ways to invest it that way we can have more profit and be able to have a financial safety net. There will be days when we have an unexpected bill, or need to repair our vehicle, etc and it always important to have money set aside for those types of emergencies.

Living paycheck to paycheck will only cause us to stress more and likely to borrow money from banks with high interest which will ultimately enslave us to work even more than we do normally. I have been in debt before, thinking it was a normal trend to go through. It wasn’t normal. Honesty I was working more than an average person trying to maintain a lifestyle that I couldn’t afford. Had I instead invested my money into different resources, I could have reached that lifestyle by now. The good news is that it’s never too late. I’ll eventually get to that level now that I am learning more about finances and investments. Every day is a lesson that will prepare me for the big tests I’ll face in the near future. Instead of spending money on items that aren’t important, read about ways you can triple your money. For now go on a walk, it’ll make you feel better and more appreciative of what you already have in life. Spend less on nonessential so and spend more on your lessons on improving as an individual. iPhone 13 was just released and I will not be buying one. I suggest you to do the same and buy something that’ll help you in the future of your success.

This was my 2 cents for the day. Stay blessed and be humble!

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