Nicki Minaj

Oh my God! Is Maxwell doing a blog about Nicki Minaj?

Typically, I don’t write about celebrities as much since most of them do not peak my interest. Not to say that there is anything wrong with admiring certain celebrities. I believe many people idolize them too much and cannot think for themselves. I personally never really hated Nicki, in fact I enjoyed a few of her songs. She pulled something different than the usual celebrity. What did she pull off differently? The fact that she questioned the COVID vaccines that have been aggressively pushed by the White House and mainstream media for people to get. She’s realized that this isn’t a black or white issue, or a republican democrat issue. She knows something isn’t right about all of this.

The first tweet that you see might sound silly at first, but having a swollen part in your body isn’t necessarily a laughing matter. It’s quite serious and people shouldn’t just dismiss this tweet. I like how she says that people shouldn’t be bullied to get the vaccine. In actuality it makes me question it more now that the mainstream media is pushing it so much. If a vaccine was legitimate and effective, wouldn’t we see it not being forced on people? Forcing something on someone without providing proper information about the vaccine really sounds more fishy to me.

I also want to commend Nicki for her second tweet. She in fact states that she’ll do her research before deciding on whether or not she intends on getting inoculated. She will not receive the vaccine because of social events or the met event. Social pressure isn’t the answer in getting the vaccine. Who I once thought was just a rapper that rapped about unimportant things, is a wise woman. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I really think she is wise unlike most of the celebrities who blindly follow everything the mainstream pushes.

Not sure if you’ll read this, Nicki- but thank you so much for voicing your opinion! You rock!

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