Magical Sunday 🧚🏼‍♂️

I fathom that it is now Monday and what I’m about to share had happened yesterday, but I am going to share anyways. Today I want to dedicate my blog post to Eric and Ilona Davydenko. Sunday was their magical day, the day they became one.

Allow me to begin from the beginning, my brother and I arrived right at 3 PM. We went and picked our seats for the wedding service. Initially the service was planned to be held outside, but due to the weather and certain circumstances, it was held inside. Don’t let this dismay your emotions, it is all about to become full of magical light once you read the whole story. The pastor had begun his sermon on the union of two individuals in love becoming as one entity. As he preached, he had mentioned that Eric and Ilona were one of the most romantic individuals he had counseled through their journey of becoming married to one another. Eric’s grandfather said a prayer, blessing his grandson and his future granddaughter in-law. He made comments that it was truly a gift/blessing from God that he was given the opportunity to see another grandson get married and that the blessing had passed on to another generation. Then Ilona’s father prayed and then Eric’s father said, “May your marriage be based on love. Only love. Love is the greatest thing.” Eric’s father and mother blessed and hugged their son and future daughter in-law. It was beautiful to witness all of this. The pastor then had Eric and Ilona partake in an activity that involved the both of them mixing two types of sand, symbolizing their transition from two people to one. They both did not compete with one another, in fact they both took their time and supported/assisted one another with the task, demonstrating their first teamwork process officially as a married couple. This was quite beautifully demonstrated. An interesting point that the pastor made was that a couple that loves each other will ultimately mimic one another though facial expressions, gestures and attitude. This truly was observed today, truly they are magnetic, better yet, they are like a mirror; reflecting each other in a positive light. After the service, everyone went outside to take pictures and a rainbow could be seen. Truly symbolizing a new, and great beginning.

Eric, if you are reading this: Thank you so much for inviting me to your wedding. It was truly a pleasure to see one of my best friends in getting married. You and Ilona are going to achieve so much! I am honored to have you as one of my best friends. You are an amazing person, full of love for other people. You care about other people. You can go through any obstacle. You are a warrior. One day you’ll be a terrific father and grandfather to so many kids. I know you said you only wanted like 2 kids but I’m sure you’ll have a lot more. After all, you need a bunch of fishing partners for when you go fishing. Same goes for you, Ilona. You are going to be an incredible mother and grandmother. When Eric gets a bruise or scratch, he won’t need a hospital. He has something better and that’s you. Keep up the good work you two, can’t wait to see what all the both of you achieve. Blessings!

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