hedgehogs πŸ¦”πŸ¦”πŸ¦”

Recently someone asked me online if I had any tattoos and if so how many?

To answer that question, I only have one tattoo and it is of a hedgehog. I have always been fascinated with hedgehogs ever since I was a child. From Russian folk tales to sonic the hedgehog, I greatly enjoyed the animal that when I turned 13 years old, I bought myself a pet hedgehog without even asking my parents. I wanted one so bad and no one would get in my way. My first hedgehog was Jingles, she was honestly my favorite, but ultimately I bought more hedgehogs and began breeding them. This was a little hobby/side business for me- I even bought my first car from the profits I earned.

I never envisioned on getting a tattoo, but one day when I was 20 years old living in Billings, Montana, the idea of getting a hedgehog tattoo had occurred in my mind. I kept dreaming and reminiscing about owning hedgehogs that I wanted something to remember my hedgehogs especially Jingles by. I am 23 years old right now, have had the tattoo for over three years now. Do I plan on getting another tattoo? It’s very possible. Who knows I might get one next year. You just never know- I am very spontaneous about those types of decisions.

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