A goal for myself

“Save your money!” I’ve heard that countless times ever since I can remember. That might sound simple on paper or heard, but honestly it’s not that easy for most. Easy just might not be the correct word. Factually it’s not that it is easy or difficult to save money, but most people have a problem with starting a commitment for a new goal or routine. I realized that spending money on things that don’t matter can be stopped if we channel that same energy to save instead. So far, I haven’t bought any gadget that isn’t necessary, stopped buying coffee/energy drinks everyday, stopped going out to fancy restaurant, stopped spending money on beer/alcohol, etc. Although all these things in moderation might be fine with having it a part of our life, I have decided that I no longer enjoy these things, but I would rather learn new ways on self improving on becoming an individual that desires to grow financially and have everlasting wisdom. Being financially independent is a characteristic many dream of but lack the motivation to pursue. If we desire this independence, we must put in the work and strive to gain new knowledge on pursuing our goals more effectively. Through reading books and listening to podcasts about finances, I have decided to set a goal for myself to live frugal to the best of my ability and to save money for my benefit that way I can potentially reinvest the money into something that will provide me with constant cash flow. There are other goals that I will be setting for myself but this one is the main big one that I will challenge myself with always. What goals have you set for yourself, or that you plan to set? Feel free to comment or private message me. I would love to hear about it.

Thank you for reading!

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