Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope everyone had an amazing day today. I certainly did, I walked around Mirabeau park and the Spokane river. It was beyond beautiful today. After my walk, I got on Uplive (broadcasting app) and talked to many intriguing individuals. There was one person in particular who caught my attention by the name of Elly Castaneda. She and her sister had started a band in the Philippines together.

When speaking to Eli I asked her what brought the inception of beginning her career in music. She mentioned that when she was seven years old, she started to write her own music and then around fifteen years old, she began to produce music videos for her music. When she turned 22 she noticed that her sister, Monique had a beautiful voice. Ultimately, she convinced her to collaborate with her and launch a band called nightmodeconcept. Elly has written about 30 songs so far and will keep on writing more to share to the world. Together they want to travel to many countries to promote their music and to inspire others to do the same.

Below I’ll upload a music video of them performing together. I was truly impressed by their talents and hope to see them produce even more music soon. Also I will include their YouTube link. So feel free to subscribe to their YouTube channel. Stay positive always my viewers! Elly and Monique- thank you so much for sharing your music and giving me the opportunity to blog about you two! You two are going to pursue many incredible adventures and performances. this is the YouTube link for their channel. They plan on releasing more music videos shortly. Stay tuned. Take a few minutes to watch their music video.

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