Wednesday is full of surprises

Been a couple of days since I last posted. I was on an eleven day streak with posting blogs online. I needed a couple of days to catch up on another project that I’m in the middle of. To keep everyone updated, I am still working nights and this week I have mandatory overtime, meaning I have a shorter weekend. Evidently, I’m not complaining, but who doesn’t enjoy time to themselves? It’s already Wednesday and normally at work I have an earbud under my hearing protection to listen to podcasts or music in order to help me get through the shift quicker. It’s not really a big deal, but I’ll appreciate music or podcasts a lot more after my shift.

Today I was talking to a coworker, who claims he had many encounters with the dead. He shared a few stories to me of his encounters. One of his encounters, he mentioned that he went squirrel hunting somewhere in the woods in Wisconsin. He said it was early morning where most people were probably sleeping and he saw a girl who looked to be around five years old hiding in the bushes, crying for help. When he came up to assist her, she vanished and he felt a random tap on his head as if a ghost was mocking him. Another encounter he mentioned to me was in 2007, when his wife, back then his girl friend were driving back from a party. It was two in the morning and two toddlers, dressed in clothing from around the 50s and 60s, were in the middle of the road just playing around. When they stopped on the road to let them pass, the toddlers just looked back, laughed and vanished. Hearing these stories for me brought some chills to my bones. My coworkers also mentioned that if you randomly trip without logical reason, it’s a ghost that is harassing us.

If anyone wants to share any ghost stories, then feel free to share!

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