Wednesday is full of surprises part 2

I know that I just posted part one, but I couldn’t wait. My coworker told me a couple more stories that I know are worth sharing. We’ve discussed a lot of topics in the past month, but this has never come up until today. As I mentioned before, feel free to comment your ghost stories, I would seriously love to read them. The after life is an intriguing subject altogether. So many stories that should be shared.

In the early 90s, my coworker worked as a semi-truck driver. He delivered various products all over the Pacific Northwest. This particular event in his life took place in Merced, California a small town with a population of 80,000 persons. He was pulling over to a truck stop. He badly needed to urinated. A woman who looked like a hooker came up and asked him if he wanted to pay her to spend time with him. He refused, but by the time he opened his door, she vanished. He walked over to the restroom and suddenly she reappeared asking the same question. He responded the same way, this time realizing that something about her was unusual. He ran away as quick as he could, drove away and urinated on the side of the highway. He referred to her as Succubus.

The other event that I’ll share about is when he had to deliver produce to Los Angeles. He was getting sleepy from driving all day and then he saw a nut farm coming up. He thought about it and decided to pull over there to take a short nap before continuing to drive. He pulls into the farm and notices how there isn’t anyone there but a woman who keeps covering her eyes and trying to talk to him. She wouldn’t make sense whenever she spoke, just animal sounds coming out of her mouth. She disappeared as well and he immediately left the farm, shocked and scared of what he had seen.

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