Do I need it, or am I just enchanted?

It is Monday the 25th of October and it is 12 in the morning. I’m just in the middle of reformating my old MacBook pro that I seemed to have forgotten that I had in my computer desk drawer for the last three years. Being in the process of moving, I have had to declutter my room and empty my drawers. Due to my decluttering, I made the discovery of my MacBook pro from 2011, larger 17 inch model that was discontinued. After it is reformatted, I’ll see how much it is worth, I reckon it isn’t a whole lot. Regardless, it’ll run like a brand new computer once again. It does bring some questions and answers to mind. Why do we as humans just fill our drawers with futile junk that we will never use? Why are we even picking up junk that we don’t need?

It could have something to do with having a strict set of parents or guardians who made us constantly give our older belongings whenever we received something new. Although that is an immense possibility, I do happen to lean more on the idea that we confuse infatuation for a hobby or a necessity. In case you don’t know the exact definition of infatuation, the definition of “infatuation” is as the Oxford dictionary defines as “very strong feelings of love or attraction for somebody/something, especially when these are unreasonable and do not last long . . .” This is the basic definition of the word and I’ll go even more into depth about it. The word was estimated to be first used in the 1640s-1660s. It originates from the Latin verb “infatuāre”, meaning essentially as a foolish thought that crushes your attention on something else. You are temporarily possessed by misleading ideas that contain foolishness and only leads to folly. Your actions are dictated by infatuation, steering you to an inadequate vision for yourself. As soon as the infatuation fades away, either your time is wasted or space is used for something unproductive. Ultimately, you are looking for a way to mend it with a new vision and have to give away the stuff you have only used a short time or have never even used once.

The next time you think you need to buy something, or perhaps you want to spend some time a project, first question the importance of it, how it will benefit you as a human being in your self development, whether or not you can live without it, the necessity worthiness, etc. We can’t just react, we have to think about it first. Question it all and make sure it’s not just an infatuation.

I personally have spent 1000s of dollars on gadgets that I have mostly given away or sold for a small amount of money. It has taught me that moving forward, I will not purchase anything that I have no need for without questioning the intent and purpose of the product. Not saying that I’ll never make mistakes on buying things that are not expedient as I am only human. I do know that I’ll be more conscious about it and strive for my best. I wish you all the best, love all of my readers including the haters.

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