What you think of me isn’t what I think of myself.

You’re looking at the title and probably going like, “what’s he talking about?” I’ll let you read that title one more time. Think about it for a minute. Read it word by word. Great, you know what I’m talking about now. For those that don’t understand on what I’m saying, I shall explain the title.

Do you ever catch yourself on when you make certain decisions that are questionable and how you typically worry more about what other people think than what you think? Don’t worry, everyone has been there. Worrying a little bit is fine, but to a certain point. This certain point is when the worry of what other people think of your decisions starts to control your life. You begin to lose yourself and accept other’s life preferences. Even if you think that of you live the way people expect you to, then you’ll only be happy temporarily, thinking you have avoided all of the commotion. What you have done is only suppress your goals and pursuit of happiness. Sooner than later that pursuit will explode and the desire will be shown. Rather than having yourself blow up mentally, avoid the hassle of living the way the people want you to live and instead live life the way you want to. Don’t look for the validation. In lieu just learn to love, respect yourself and fathom that what matters is that you think well of yourself. Loving and respecting yourself will produce positive results.

I hope this is something that might benefit you. Take care everyone, October is nearly finished and November is close.

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