The sabbath 🕍

Happy Saturday, my readers! It’s 8 pm and I’m actually sitting on the couch as I’m writing this. Just got back from delivering a shelf that I was selling on Facebook. Had it posted for 85 dollars and the man that was interested, offered me 100 dollars to deliver it to his house. So my dad, brother and I went out to deliver it. Got it done within an hour. But it makes me think a little bit. There are ways to make a little extra money on the side if we get out of that after work comfort zone. Most people will automatically have dinner and watch tv right after work then ultimately pass out until the next working day, doing the same thing all over again. Technically we could’ve delivered it the next day, but it made me realize that it’s better to get things complete while the opportunity presents itself. We can never know what will happen tomorrow, so it’s better not to miss out. Besides that it feels highly rewarding getting something productive complete for the evening.

Stay positive my brothers and sisters- keep hustling and don’t miss out on your potential!

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