Do you feel drained?

As human beings we go through so much especially around the holidays. So much is going on and we are barely catching up with whatever we are trying to finish. Often we worry so much, we begin to form negative thoughts. These negative thoughts may seem typical or expected and what if I were to tell you that there is a way to remove them or at least diminish them to a point where these thoughts do not control your daily life and goals. We do not deserve to be enslaved by our negative thoughts, we deserve a fulfilling and abundant life. There are three basic steps to eliminating our negative thoughts. Prepare for some internal freedom.

Take a deep breath before continuing to read- well done! The first step is to focus. Focusing on one thing at a time might seem super simple, but can actually in fact be a challenge. Many people cannot focus past a few seconds or so before they are distracted with something such as a notification or text message from their mobile devices. A lot of people try, but have a difficult time. The best way to train our mind to focus, is to start with basic mental exercises. For starters, we can practice a couple times a day on focus on certain objects for even 15 minutes without being distracted by something else. As each week passes, try to increase the time. Within weeks, we could have progress. We can stare at a rose, at a garden, a puzzle, a car, literally anything as long as the objective to increase our full attention. As we get better with our focus, we will also run into the problem of being captivated my negative thoughts every once in a while. I will go over step 2 in the next paragraph.

You’ve gotten this far and now want to read the next step. Step 2: replacement. You ever notice that you’re having a productive day and everything is going well, then all of a sudden, you start to worry about something and begin to form negative thoughts that begin to drain your mind and energy. This is very unhealthy and can affect you for days and weeks at a time, not allowing you to accomplish anything. Some may say that it’s a phase and that you just need to go through it and hope for the best. Well that may be true that you may go through something undesirable but you shouldn’t allow it control your life. You have a mind and you should be in control; not vice versa. Your mind in a way is like a tv. There are many channels in this tv. Sometimes you’ll change the channel temporarily when commercials are running. All of a sudden, you see something hideous. Rather than fixate on the disturbed nature of the content of the channel, return back to the prior desired channel and run your journey to your destiny. This is how it works with negative thoughts; I’m going to mess up with this audition. Instead of fixating on that sentence, quickly tell yourself that you will do a spectacular job and that you have been practicing so much near perfect. Continuing this type of ritual will drastically change the way you think and you’ll almost never recall any negative thoughts and instead recall your positive thoughts and affirmations to yourself.

Welcome to step three: aka Envision. The word envision means to visualize or have vision for your future life. Living life without a goal of some kind, can often be difficult. The best way to eliminate this difficulty of having to worry about the unknown, is to set goals (have vision) for your life. Each and everyone has their own type of goal to pursue their vision. Try to look at a mirror, or perhaps in the lake at your reflection and try to visualize what you want for yourself in the future, what makes you happy and accept it as already fulfilled. As soon as you do this exercise, write these visions down in your notebook and if you have to, separate each vision by different subjects. Just by doing this, you are already setting your life to the right direction and practicing these exercises will ultimately attract you to the proper opportunities and people that will help you achieve your vision. Always envision, there is more in store for you; greater things.

I hope you enjoyed today’s discussion. Be blessed and I hope to talk about similar subjects again soon. Remember, you are valuable no matter where you came from. Don’t let anyone take that away; always have vision. Remember these three: Focus, Replacement and envision. To help you remember, remember this sentence; Fly the right way effectively .

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