January is coming up…

2021 is nearly over, I only started this blog in August. And even with this small amount of time, I have generated over 1000 views from my readers. Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate it. My goal is to reach over one million views by the end of 2022. Please share my website to your loved ones and friends. With your support, I will improve my website and cover an array of topics that I haven’t covered before. I see this website ultimately becoming a hot spot for a video series and podcast in the coming years. I am happy to have helped hundreds of people on my blog amd hope to rekindle more reader’s spirits to find purpose and to revive those positive, self affirmations in their lives.

2021: you were tougher than 2020 in my opinion. I have made so many mistakes during this year that have ultimately brought me to my destiny. It was a tough year, but I have learned to become strong, to strive to fulfill my apirations/destiny and to discover myself everyday. Without struggle there is no progress. With no struggle we are just in comfort, always remaining in one zone that will never bring us to our potential. If you are having difficulty, I highly recommend you to have a personal conversation with your mind free of any distractions and noise. After you two talk, grab your notepad and write down what you want to change in your life and what you want for yourself. A pen and paper might seem just ordinary, but I can assure you that the stroke of the pen on your notepad is like a magical wand writing your future and applying your vision into reality. You are not in the world, the world is in you.

Love you all my friends and readers, I wish for 2022 to be an incredible one. God bless you all!

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