yes to the spiritual

“You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” ~A. A Mine

Only fourteen days until Christmas, I literally do not even understand how it’s near the end of the year. I may be twenty-three years old, but I have discovered within myself that I do not really care about Christmas presents and even the decorations. What I mean is that I only anticipate on having a merry day, spending time with close family and friends, having a warm, delicious dinner, the music playing in the background and great conversations about life and our aspirations. The presents are not important in the equation of family and friends congregating together. Of course if I had children, I would still purchase them presents. After all, what parent wouldn’t? To return back to my original point, it is about the time spent together during the holidays, not the physical things.

I look forward to watching home alone 1 and 2 before Christmas, per my tradition. I have probably seen those movies near a hundred times. Something about watching it around the holidays makes it extra special. Friends and family get to laugh together while watching these films. Another film I like watching around Christmas, would be National Lampoon’s Christmas vacation. Please comment what movies you enjoy watching during the holidays. I wouldn’t mind watching something new this holiday.

I wish for you and your families and friends to have an incredible holiday this winter. Don’t waste your time on the materialistic but focus on the spiritual. There is more to life than objects and complaining. Rejoice that you are living and have joy.

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