This is my first post of the year. This one may be a bit unusual but bare with me. I was just journaling and decided to write something that was on my mind. Might be useful to you perhaps. Either way, here it is. Enjoy!

2021 was a kamikaze. The year was filled with liberty, yet explosive. I was a boy with great urge for freedom, snatching onto anything as a raven envying a lustrous golden ring from afar. This boy touched and tasted everything he desired, not contemplating the potential consequences. The boy had no vision for whatever he did. Without proper sight, he was lost in infatuation. Infatuation may have more letters “vision” or even the simple word “plan”. More letters only form more weight. More weight coerces the letters to sink into oblivion, only to become forgotten. There’s no return. If the boy had thought everything over, he would add 2, 0, 2, 1 and produce 5. Then he would examine the significance of number five and I learned that it represents a year of curiosity and the necessity to experiment to be fulfilled. This is only temporary, five will move on from formless to having formation. Behold; 2022 is here in other words, you have a consecutive number; six. You are now full of structure and support. A vision has only begun. Follow it through and do not fall victim to the negativity of the others around you. The boy has now become a man.

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