Propaganda in the mainstream

Turn that stupid tv off and quit listening to the news. It is full of lies that are meant to keep you in fear and their full control. Literally 95 percent of the news is full of negative news. Rarely will you read something positive on there. All you see is coverage about death, disaster and the pandemic that is blown to over proportion. I am sometimes ashamed to call myself a human being that so many fall for these lies. All I want to say is that, don’t fall for the lies, instead stay positive and be aware that you only have the power to claim liberty from fear. Fear is just false evidence appearing real. Go outside and talk to your neighbor. Go on a walk by the river. Look at the beautiful sky. Eat something healthy. You’ll notice that what the media portrays if by far the opposite of reality. Reality is more serene than what the tv’s try to scare us about.

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