I’ve been surprised

It’s January 18th and I’ve been totally surprised with the weather here in South Carolina. It was in the 50s-70s then all of a sudden last Sunday it got colder and we even had a few inches of snow fall. It’s rather ironic to see palm trees trapped in the snow. Thankfully, it is now Tuesday and the snow is beginning to melt. The temperature is slowly going back up again. All I know is to never get too comfortable and always be prepared just in case. The state was pretty much shut down for a couple of days with only essential services running. Finally everything is running again. Fortunately we did some extra shopping prior to the unexpected weather shift.

When in doubt, think ahead because you never know what you will run into. Worse case scenario, you have some extra food and supplies that you can use for the future. I hope everyone is doing well this month and slowly are finding ways on improving your life and affirming your positive affirmations. If you’re upset about something, or it’s not going your way, don’t let it destroy you. Things don’t always go our way and in lieu may take an additional amount of time and patience. Don’t lose hope, keep moving on forward.

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