A conversation with you

“The world-spirit in exile must go through the inferno of matter and the purgatory of morals to arrive at the spiritual paradise” ~Gilles Quispel, Dutch theologian

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I wanted to share this quote for the start of my blog entry. I found it in one of the books I’m reading. Last week was orientation for my new job working nights shifts in which I have not posted anything in roughly around a week. This is a new adjustment for me, as I’m used to a normal schedule. Although orientation for most jobs can be quite vexing, this particular one was not as painful as we had many group projects to get through the week in order to be successful at our job. Through this orientation I have made a couple of like minded friends who view the world similar as I do. We all talked about the law of attraction, manifestation, positive affirmations and business goals. In case you don’t remember what the law of attraction is, I’ll remind you of it again. In simple words, it’s pretty much when what you believe within attracts people with alike ideas. When you think positive, you attract positive people. Stay negative and then you will most likely attract negative people who have a poor lifestyle. Think about starting a business, then you might attract a partner with a similar vision.

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After getting through my two days off, I have contemplated a little more extra than usual. This particular contemplation has brought forth the thought and has reminded me that I need to finish a novel that I have been writing for the last three years. I finally have a spark again for this novel. The good news is that I’m back at it. This year I want to finish the novel, find an editor and then a publisher. I’m super excited about getting back to writing my novel and there’s a chance I might share a sample of the novel on my website. Comment below if you would like to see a sample. If I get enough requests for it, I’ll go ahead and upload a sample. I would like to request you the reader to have a conversation with your self. Ask your inner self what you really want to accomplish but have been delaying it for the last few years or so. Don’t let the fear stop you. Don’t let the doubt stop you. Don’t allow the potential disappointment from your circle of family and friends stop you. I promise you that what they view you as is not important and in fact what they actually see themselves as. A man may speak ill of you, but truly the filth he speaks upon you is only a reflection of the filth within him. Please do what you desire from within. Grab your cross and do your mission. Peace upon you 🙂

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