I hate this comfort zone. Blast me into the stars.

People with the growth mindset know that it takes time for potential to flower.” ~ Carol Dweck, mindset- Updated Edition: Changing The Way You think To fulfill your Potential

We as a human species have been programmed from young as kindergarten to be afraid of challenging ourselves and that if we do not understand the process and makes mistakes, we do not hold intelligence in us. Interesting part about the word “kindergarten”, it is a German word meaning children and a garden, in other words a garden of children. Words are not randomly designated, they all have certain functions. In this function, children are being planted with false ideas that getting straight A’s is a sign of intelligence and flunking a test is a sign of stupidity and lack of potential. What gets crazier, this idea is deeply planted within our subconscious and unfortunately follows us throughout our adulthood and so on.

Have you ever made a mistake? Obviously everyone has, otherwise we wouldn’t be human. Whether you agree, or not, failing and making a mistake is actually a wonderful part of our life that allows us to grow. There are two different mindsets in the human life; fixed and growth. A fixed mindset is when we only go by the protocol of staying in our comfort zone and not aspiring to reach potential that is out there. Our fear of making mistakes keeps us in that one zone forever, as known as the comfort zone. We never discover who we can become just because of a fixed mindset. The other mindset known as the growth mindset allows us to make lots and lots of mistake but we learn how to take risks and eventually succeed to something greater than the comfort zone. This other zone is where many successful marathon runners, inventors, businessman have landed because they were not afraid to make mistakes, or to allow it to control them from reaching there greatest potential. It’s like that common sayings, “you will never know unless you tried.” Try it while you can, your life may just transform for the best. When we feel struggle and hardship as well running into lots of mistakes, we are actually growing and for once doing the right thing in our life; discovering our potential and ultimately reaching it. Like the rapper Vinnie Paz once said in one of his songs, “There is no progress without struggle.” I quote these words in my mind every day and affirm it. Let’s kick some butt and find our potential. We won’t learn unless we make mistakes.

As always positive vibes your way. Stay humble and manifest your inner self.

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