Pajamas and a cold old Pepsi

Remember when most of us were all about Pajama day in elementary school, the only day we were given permission to wear pajamas all day? I was reminded about pajama day when I was watching an episode of South Park. Yes, I like to occasionally watch an episode of South Park, my humor can be dark sometimes. I can tell jokes all day. Back to the point about pajamas, I never participated due to a form of self embarrassment. It wasn’t wearing the pajamas that felt embarrassing, it was the kind of pajamas I had and imagining the other kids laughing at me for having “baby pajamas”. I remember having some cute, blue penguin pajamas that I would hide when people would visit our home, having fear that someone would look under my pillow. I was a silly kid then. Right now, I’d probably wear the blue penguin pajamas just to mess with people and get a good laugh going. I promise we all change haha. So yes, I was probably one of the only kids in school that refused to wear pajamas on pajama day.

The past week was a really hectic week for me. I was constantly going somewhere to run my errands. Although that was the case, on Friday there was an estate nearby that my mother, sister and I spotted. So we pulled to the side of the road, went inside of the house and explored what the estate sale had to offer. There were many retro items from the 30s- late 90s. I even managed to find a 12 pack of unopened nascar Pepsi bottles from 1967. I’ve only seen these on YouTube videos and eBay. The nice part it only cost me 6 dollars when it probably would cost a couple hundred of dollars online to own this amount of unopened Pepsi bottles. My mom picked up some antique plates and bowls. Yesterday, I decided to come back. This time it was me and my brother. We ended up finding a box of history/religious book that were intriguing to learn about. One of the books is called “the essential gnostic gospels”, so I’m going to give it a read and see what I learn about. No worries my readers, I’ll post a couple of pictures of the Pepsi bottles.

I hope you enjoyed my childhood memories and thoughts of pajama day and my neat find at an estate sale. If you like to find rare items to keep or resell, then check out some of the estate sale around you. You never know what you will find along the way. Give it a shot. To those watching the super bowl today, enjoy the game, and enjoy your time with family. Be safe and stay positive. You don’t live in the world, the world lives in you. You make the world of how your mind perceives everything. Be blessed ya’ll.

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