Sit down or stand up and move

Random fact of the day: according to Black’s law dictionary 11th edition, the legal terms War Clause is defined, “ (1943) Constitutional law. The provision in the United States Constitution giving Congress the power to declare war. U.S Const art. I, & 8 cl. 11. The President has the power to repel sudden attacks against the nation without congressional approval, but cannot declare or wage war.” (P. 1897)

I’m going to try and introduce a new legal term we can all learn about for each blog I post. I firmly believe that having knowledge and awareness of the law will in fact illuminate and protect us. Not knowing, lacking interest, or just plain ignorance of the law will sadly not save us if we fall into any legal issues. It’s sad and intentionally setup in the education system for students to not know about the law when they graduate.

Enough about the importance of knowing legal terms. I’m off for a few days, and have been catching up on my novel. Recently, I have discovered another way to form a story board/map for my novel that will help me organize my thoughts. In all honesty, my new approach in writing is helping me be more clear in the direction my story is heading. Without any type of organization and goals for my story, it is bound to fall apart. I’m learning every day on how to become a better writer. Been reading more than ever and conducting research for my book. I in fact believe writer’s block is a thing, but it can be stopped if we re-evaluate our approach and modify it. Changing nothing will not get us anywhere. If something isn’t working, try to find a better and more sufficient method. This entire process of writing a book and finding ways to prevent my writer’s block from returning shines some light. If we live a certain way and aren’t satisfied with the direction it is heading, then we must do the diligent decision of finding a better way. Complaining and doing nothing won’t accomplish a single thing except for only making us more upset.

No matter what you are battling, you can defeat it as long as you believe in yourself and throw away that doubt.

Smile and stay positive, see you soon.

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