Exit the matrix, and accept that only you are in control of your destiny.

Word of the day from Merriam-Webster: Bona fides :

A person’s bona fides is the evidence of their qualifications or achievements.

The senator’s bona fides as a viable presidential candidate have been called into question.

Good afternoon, it’s Monday and the beginning of the week has just started for you. You might have had a fun, busy weekend, yet you feel like it wasn’t enough for just those 2-3 days. I can absolutely resonate, I had a mini vacation and was able to achieve a bunch of reading and writing, yet I do not feel fully fulfilled and feel as if I should’ve been given more time. This is my last day off and I decided to go on a walk this morning, jamming to my dance playlists, shaking my head. As I thought about my last two weeks and where I have been heading in life, I reminded myself that I’m currently in a type of matrix if you will. I’m in this matrix for a period that is a type of learning experience: I’m there for a good time, not a long time. I’m there to learn to leave the matrix and continue to hold my destiny in my hands. No one will change my destiny, but myself. Although I already know this and accept this as my truth, I still affirm this every morning. The moon is almost out of my sight and the sunshine is near. I grab hold to that near sunshine, longing for something greater.

Go on a walk by yourself, whether it be by the river, the woods, or even your suburban neighborhood. Put on some headphones with your favorite music and observe the environment around you, picture you in your current spiritual setting and think what you desire of. If you realize this desire and affirm it as your destiny and believe it without any doubt, it’ll soon be yours.

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