Lies, and leeches…

I keep hearing the world “democracy” from all these politicians in the USA and Canada. It’s time to expose this utterly disgusting, systematic control word that is designated to control and manipulate the people. According to the thoughtco, “In a republic, an official set of fundamental laws, like the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, prohibits the government from limiting or taking away certain “inalienable” rights of the people, even if that government was freely chosen by a majority of the people. In a pure democracy, the voting majority has almost limitless power over the minority.” I personally learn more for a republic. Irregardless of what I lean, here in the United States we are a republic according to our constitution. All I am trying to say is to think before what we say. The problem with our society and media is that we hear phrases by our politicians and celebrities spoken that begin to magnetize in our daily vocabulary. Lets not be sheep and research what is being said before we accept anything from their mouths. Regardless if it is someone we agree with for the most part, we should question everything they say. No one is perfect, we are all humans with error, but within time and awareness we can fix our errors and refine them into solutions full of truth. source:

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Enough about discussing democracies, I just wanted to get this spiel out of my mind and move on to something else. I just keep hearing people misuse this word and wanted to elaborate on the dangers of democracies and how they do not have any manual or set of by-laws. I want us to realize the importance of this discussion. If anyone has more questions about this topic, then feel free to message me on here or my Instagram page @affirmationrevolution2022. As always go ahead and share my articles, it means the world to me when I get more readers on this blog.

My mother bought me this comfortable gaming chair as an early birthday gift. I’ll attach a picture of it below. I find it very supportive of my back, and it has made it simpler for me to practice my writing instead of having to write from the ground or my bed, where I would feel constant muscle strain. The only component missing for my writing is having an office desk. I’ll purchase myself a desk once we move out of the rental we are currently living in. I want one big enough for a couple of monitors and room enough for my laptop as well being able to have a couple of notepads as I write. I like to have an organized system when I write, it helps me visualize my mind into words more colorful form than on the typical writing day. I truly desire for my blog to grow and expand more- I just face constant obstacles with covering a topic, or even reaching a larger audience. No matter how hard it is, I realize that success isn’t generated over night and that success is hybridized form of persistence and obstacles. Success is like a fertilized egg that is being incubated. For the sake of argument, we have a chicken egg that is fertilized, whether or not it is being incubated by an artificial incubator or a broody hen is not the point, a chicken egg takes about 21 days to hatch a chick. The first few days, not much progress can be observed. At about day 7 of incubation, when you grab the egg and walk into a dark room then grab a flashlight and shine through the egg, you will observe blood veins forming around the embryo. Each day more progress is produced, ultimately hatching a chick at day 21. Unfortunately there are times when the chick is far too week to hatch, or doesn’t properly develop. The good news is that we can always renew our hope with a new egg to hatch. Processes do not always produce the results we expect and that is simply okay. Back to the part about not noticing any progress until day seven of incubation, this is a metaphor for our journey for our vision in our personal life. We will not see our goals accomplished over night. It might takes months or even years, but within time we will noticed how far we have traveled in our journey and realize how much we have grown mentally and physically. The chick that doesn’t properly develop or dies before the due date signifies us failing in life with our goals, and how when we realize that our vision can still be accomplished, we just need to replace the egg with another brand new egg ( a revised plan, and or formula that will ultimately lead us into the direction of completing our goal). I can come up with another analogy or metaphor for success, but I’ll stick with this one as my basic demonstration of success in the form of a story. I will eventually get to where I desire with my blog and other visions in my personal life, and so will you. Keep following your path and realize that obstacles aren’t necessarily a bad thing, in fact it means that you are doing something right with your life. When opposition is in our life, something great is ahead, but the negative forces are trying to get in our way and crack our hope like a wine glass falling out of a waitress’s tray. Never surrender to the opposition, good thing are coming your way; just keep fighting the good fight.

My fancy chair for writing

I hope each and every one of you all have a transforming Sunday! Turn the tv off and stop listening to the news. If you want to learn about something, examine both sides and don’t think a certain way because someone is pressuring you to think a certain way. We all have our own mind and must make decisions for our own self and just recognize we can disagree with one another in a loving and peaceful fashion. Stay positive and throw that negativity into the trash.

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