Stop the blood from pouring and instead allow the rain to pour. #ukraine #russia

I see the blood all over the streets. Send a fleet We’re about to meet, I’m going to put the heat on you lying scumbags, a bunch of nags. Complaining until we all draining our resources for all your war forces. We don’t need this war nor any of this gore; hear me roar like a lion. Roooooar! I’m about to blur out these lies. They’ll all die like flys. Deception ultimately manifests in sight while we the seekers of love and truth are right. We so right, we going to fight. We going to fight with our creator by our sight with his shining light. Everlasting light, not like a kite that flys flys away. I promise the light will make it right and it won’t bite like the darkness from war that only makes us bleed without any type of creed. Blood poured for a meaningless war should be ignored. We don’t need no war, go find the lord. Truth is within you. Open up your heart, it’s like a card; you are the king, you are the queen, you are the ace, you are the joker. We are all one. Let us love one another, why are most of us far from one another? Do on to others as you do on to yourself. Save yourself before you save someone else: love yourself before you love him or her. Don’t hate others and play this bloody game, it’s not your fate nor will it bring the fame. You want that fame, quit that game. It’s lame and full of pain. Pain lasts for generations, so you really want to be a contributor? Maybe it’s time to mature and realize it’s just the culture. Got the cult in culture, we need to nurture. I’m for sure, let’s find a cure. The cure is pure. I’m sure you will all concur. Stop the blood and show the love. I love you Ukraine and Russia, let’s be brothers and sisters.

(Something about this entire Ukrainian/Russian crisis, I had to write what my spirit desired to write.) thank you for your support!

Note: this song may not be used without my permission. Thank you!

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