Headed for a new direction

The joints in my hands are all sore from the past few weeks working in the assembly line night shift. To be honest, I don’t really enjoy it and I know I’m only there for a good time, not a long time. It is just a job to form financial roots for other financial roots. I won’t go into detail about the job I’m working at, but just to convey that this job is physically draining and I aspire for something better. Matter of a fact, it is motivating me to look for opportunities in business and writing. So I’m on the search for a new direction. The direction is coming. Right now, I am looking for ways to reach more viewers and so far I have made an Instagram page and as of today I have launched an official twitter page for this site. @ZoneMaxwell is my official twitter page, please go ahead and follow it when you get a chance. According to my research, I’ve learned that twitter is one of the major platforms to be a part of when hosting a website or a blog. I thought Instagram had an advantage, but twitter out beats it. Prepare for me to speak more about twitter and Instagram. Once I get more followers and support, I know I want to launch my own merch. The merch will talk about having vision, staying positive and doing something that make us truly happy. Clothing that has a message that we won’t settle for a gloomy life and that what we want will manifest.

I love this gif of twitter haha. By the way, this literally is probably the first gif I have posted on this site.

I’m going to work on a couple of songs that I’m writing right now and my novel. I’ll be back shortly. Stay positive and as always, I appreciate my readers for reading my content as usual. If it wasn’t for you all, I wouldn’t know what direction this website would be heading.

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