Find the treasure

We often complain about so much in life and try to see more of the negative than the positive in life. We forget that we have a home, food to eat and heat. We complain what we have isn’t enough and how we cannot improve. We insist that the world is so hard and so much is not achievable. Although this is normal in the beginning of our lives to complain about such matters, we need to grow and accept the fact that these so called truths, are all lies and where we are in life is only temporarily if we allow for change to transpire in our circle of life.

For starters, we need to be in the present and acknowledge the gifts and blessings we have received so far in this life by our spiritual father and universe. Learn to be grateful and praise what we have received. Praise the creator within ourself and ask for a greater vision reap into our physical reality. Before we ask for something and aspire for it to manifest, we must understand that it won’t simply happen over night and will require tribulation to reach this vision that we dream of. We must be 100 % committed to it and keep on fighting without any doubt in our mind. Of course we may fall every once in a while, but me must have the courage to get up and fight the battle. After the battle, a shining victory happens. Treasure chests full of gold, silver and fine jewelry will appear before our eyes. First we must set a map for us to follow and realize we might deal with some storms and sea monsters throughout our voyage. Once we slaughter the sea serpent, we be vigilant of any type of weather diseased and obstacle and then stand firm and fight. We will not be moved if we solely believe this. Keep reviewing that treasure map that you have created from the back of your mind. Write it down and evaluate what you must do to make the route more smoother. No road or voyage is broad and easy; behold, it is narrow and full of monsters and beasts. Taking the easy route will only keep us in one spot without any growth, only misery.

Get that treasure map drafted- you got this. You are victorious! A new beginning is right before your eyes. A little pain is okay, monetary gain and power is close.

Silver lake near Greenville, South Carolina

Love you all! Keep on fighting that battle in your mind. Don’t listen to the carnal mind, trust you spirit and form your vision.

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