Two things I miss about you

As you all know that I moved away from Washington state back in the month of November. I have been settling in South Carolina smoothly for the most part except for a couple of hiccups here and there. There’s just always something new to explore in the state of South Carolina. It’s 4:40 in the morning right now, and I have been slowly getting used to a normal sleep schedule ever since I got laid off from BMW. Two days later and I’m starting to sleep a little bit normal, but I have a tendency to wake up too early which might be a beneficial thing in the long run. Although four in the morning is a bit too early. It’s all fine and dandy now, after all I get to write another blog post. So when you read this be sure to brew your favorite cup of coffee.

Just to clarify, the title isn’t necessarily about a person but more about Washington State where I used to be a resident of. There were a number of things about Washington state I wasn’t a fanatic of. From the people to the politics to the high cost of living, I was happy to leave the state of Washington for good. Even though there were quite a list of attributes about Washington I didn’t really like, there are a couple of things that I enjoyed. Some of those things were of course my close friends, and ice fishing as well as going on hikes around the Spokane river.

My best friend, Ruvim, still lives in Washington state. He would probably be one of the only reasons I would visit Washington state for a few days. My brother and I grew up together since we were in elementary school. We had lots of adventures growing up together; from going on fishing trips, road trips, flying out to Cancun, throwing parties, off roading in his Jeep in the middle of no where. I remember the one time when I was nineteen years old, and I had a week off from working at the country feed store where I worked at a cashier clerk, and fork lift operator. All of a sudden, I went all spontaneous and insisted to Ruvim that we should go on a road trip to Sacramento, California.

He agreed, and I bought dozens of energy drinks to stay awake during the 14 hour drive. I remember Ruvim being rather tired, so I insisted on driving most of the way, so I kept going and going; not sleeping for over 24 hours. It was worth it though. When we got to Sacramento, we did some shopping at the outlet malls that we didn’t have in Spokane. Then we went ahead and visited some of our cousins. The day after Ruvim and I decided to go play some laser tag with my cousin Dan. This was probably the biggest laser tag place I had ever been to. We all had a fun and exciting time, making memories. Two days later, Ruvim noticed my engine making unusual noises and vibrations. We had his uncle check it out and his mechanic friend. Turns out that the car was about to break down and couldn’t be driven back home. It was a Saturn ion 2003 car, one of the worst cars you can ever own or buy. Most people that I know who had previously owned this type of car had many problems with it. I ended up having to sell it and buy last minute plane tickets to fly home.

There are plenty of stories of my friend Ruvim and I, but I’ll save some of those for another time. As for ice fishing I would go almost every winter with Ruvim and Eric his cousin, also a good friend of mine. We would go all day and sometimes even fish over night. They always had an entire tent set up, and propane heaters, so it was super comfortable and warm, making the experience even more gratifying. We would typically fish for trout, bass, and crappies. A lot of time we would either smoke the fish or make jerky out of it. The jerky was absolutely worth it. As for hiking around the Spokane river, I would constantly go out and swim at the river and look for wild life to take pictures of. I’ll have to find some pictures of the Spokane river to share.

Even though I hated Washington state with a passion, I still have some really good memories over there. I’m only saying that even when we’re in hell, we can find a slice of heaven in the midst of it all. Evidently try to find a place you’re more happy living in, but during the transition period try to find the positive element in any situation you are going through.

This is Maxwell signing off,

You all have a marvelous Sunday and I urge you all to eat a lot of steak. Blessings!

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