Lone wolf

Did you grow up with the mentality that you had to be in a huge social group of people especially during your teenage years and even now? I have absolutely been there and for years I felt something was wrong with me and that I needed to change my personality to have people like me in order to gain more friends. I would purposefully nod my head in agreement with their random commentaries and listen to their spiels. Being around these people that I absolutely have no connection and desire, only minimized my true self and my identity. I was not living to my fullest potential.

I consider myself a lone wolf with very few close people that I can call in reality friends. Most people are just acquaintances that I have met over the years. This doesn’t mean I despise them by any means, I still call them and keep a conversation going. What I’m saying is that there are a few people that I trust with secrecy and would sacrifice my time for and they would do the same. This of course seldom happens, since the few that I call my close friends respect my time and pursuit of my vision. Don’t think that there is something wrong with you that you’re more of a lone wolf than a laughing hyena. In the end, you will have your own foundation while others will fall over and perish. Stand your ground and be who you truly are. Never switch your personality to satisfy a huge crowd.

My 2 cents for today.

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