Grasshopper goodness

The weekend is pretty much over now and I hope everyone had a wonderful time full of life growing experiences. I definitely have had an amazing Saturday and Sunday full of excitement. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Life is going smooth and I’m grateful for where it is headed. Some days may be challenging for me, yet I remind myself that whenever there is opposition or an opposing force that I have to battle, I am on the right track to overcome the trials and tribulations that I may face in this earthly life. Silence only symbolizes that we will settle on less and therefore never grow. When there is silence, you are where the enemy wants you to be. My life isn’t literally gold on the walls, but I’m headed that direction. As long as I don’t permit fear to take over my vision in life, then I’ll eventually reach a point where I want to be. When I reach that point, I will keep raising it up. I don’t ever plan on stopping. We can always achieve something new in life. We may know 100 different skills, and it wouldn’t hurt to learn skill 101. Just stopping because we accomplished so much in our eyes isn’t a legitimate excuse on blocking the road to our everlasting potential in life. Keep that curious mind moving forward and explore something new whenever opportunity presents itself.

By the way, this is quite the most random, but hear me out. I went to the flea market this weekend where you can buy various products and food for a bargain. As I was browsing through each table stand, I ran into one where a man from Latin America was preparing spicy dried grasshoppers that were seasoned in red peppers and garlic. What did I do? Well I had to buy a bag and try it. It wasn’t actually that bad, I actually kept eating out of the bag like I was eating my favorite potato chips.

Monday is about to start, keep your head up, be you and love one another. God bless!

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