A couple of weeks now since I last worked, I estimate. Of course I have turned in some applications just in case, I’m just not rushing for any job. I’m more a man who enjoys making his own content or reselling certain merchandise, I now try to apply for places with good reviews. I’m now twenty-four years old and I just don’t settle for anything I see before my hands. I won’t chase after some girl, or car like when I was younger. I might get to know the girl better before I attempt to form any type of relationship. Same thing with a car, I’m not going to buy it since it presents an amazing appearance. Appearances depreciate, I’m not going to force something until it is meant to be and feasible. I only plan to run for my goals and vision. This is the only road we need to run on; the road to our success.

Some days I’m up and some days down, but I remind myself that one day cannot define my overall progress in life. Getting upset over something, only blinds my direction. Emotions are amazing qualities to have, and important. Let us remind ourselves that our mind must be in control and not our emotions. A little bit something can be beneficial, and a bit too much might be counter productive. When we fall off track, let’s evaluate and become back on track.

Everything will get better as long as we affirm it. How it gets better, is the question. Only thing we can know is that no matter what, to fight for our vision and ultimately accept that it will manifest in the physical realm. All of it is within us in the spiritual realm: we just need to keep watering those seeds we have planted. Never forget about your crops.

#iloveyouall #явасвселюблю

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