No more fools

Officially we can all say that April Fools day is now over. Hopefully none of you were pranked or tricked. I fortunately did not have to endure any trickery. Kept myself out of sight. I do remember especially during my teenage years teachers and parents constantly tell almost believable lies and how naive I was. I laugh about it now, but realize there’s some positive points to being tricked at a younger age and learning how to discern a lie from the truth and not believing everything we hear. The problem with society today is that not everyone has grown out of this. Many persons still listen to their television or phone screens and believe something without even questioning it.

I have faith that many will have an awakening and realize that most of everything that they have been listening to has been a farce, designed to control and manipulate the way we think and perceive. I pray and send energy that many will be awakened and learn to think for themselves. We might end up in chaos between friends and family for our thoughts, but at least we are detoxing the darkness and deception and accepting the truth that will set us free. It may seem to be hard at first to stop believing these lies and as if someone is periodically attacking us. This is all normal, we are being separated from the weeds. We are about to grow and produce high quality fruit. Our loved ones will deny themselves if they choose to when they’re ready. We cannot coerce them to be free and naive, otherwise that would be an oxymoron. Show love to them, but if they deny you and persecute you, walk away and never look back. You deserve to be loved.

Yesterday morning my brother got back from the gym and to his surprise, there was a turtle laying on the road. Miraculously he did not run it over. Turtle was in great shape, and matter of a fact, we both decided to hold and play with the turtle for a little bit. Then we remembered our little sister and wanted to show her the turtle and of course as expected, she freaked out. I can’t change the mind of a 12 year old, she’s still stuck in her preconceived notions. Her mind probably sees a turtle as dirty and icky that eats bugs all day. She probably even thinks the turtle might bite a finger off. This will all change once she grows and abandons her childish thinking. My brother and I ended up finding a creek not too far away and leaving the turtle there. At the very bottom, you’ll see a video that I have attached. Hope you enjoy turtles as much as I do.

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