All this talk about the Oscars

This entire week, we all kept hearing about the so called altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock. Even though I hardly read or watch the news anymore, it still managed to pop up on websites and platforms that I use online. Hollywood needs to wake up and realize that a majority of us have no interest in the Oscar’s whatsoever. This is no longer the 1990s and early 2000s when it was somewhat relevant to society.

It’s really sad and takes a low level of intelligence to me when celebrities try to stage an event and call it news, just to get views and make people angry about things that don’t matter in life. People engage in different ways now, and honestly most of us have had enough with the negativity that is fed to us every single day. We want to live a fulfilling life and make a difference. Being a bunch of complainers and pointing fingers at each other will only breed corruption and vanity inside us. Why don’t we clean out a street, or help a person in need instead? Why don’t we show more of love? What is stopping us for real?

Hollywood it is 2022, we don’t want your ways of the ancients. We want a life full of love and compassion. We don’t care about what you had for breakfast or who slapped who. You mock people because of their faith, yet you have your own type of religion: where nothing is enough and that you will do anything in your power to destroy your competitor in the industry just to present yourself as a god that must be worshiped. Change your ways Hollywood, or you will become obsolete. Grow up, or soil down and decompose.

I want to talk about gardening, farming, business, finance, spirituality (our relationship with the creator), life, love, creation, creativity, subjects that enrich us and make us whole as spirits. Instead of moping about the news or current world affairs, why don’t we play some board, or card games with our family members, or children. Let’s build relationships and destroy toxic chains. Let’s restore hope and prosperity. This world may be a mess, but it shouldn’t corrupt your soul. Keep your soul pure to make the world pure.

I love you all. Be prosperous and blessed. Stay whole.

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