Friendship has no box. It is eternal, no matter what.

Do you ever feel like you’re the one always calling a certain person and never the other way around? I’ve been there, and frankly I don’t waste my time on that anymore. No matter how much you reach out to them, I can almost 100 percent assure you that very few are interested in your friendship. The people that are meant to be in your circle will reach out to you at the right time. We all have lives and most of us are going through a transition in developing as contributors in life.

Don’t ever force a friendship, allow it to flow naturally. If something is meant to be, such as a friendship, the cards will be shuffled in the right order. Some people will separate from you during a period to focus on their path to growth, and some will never reach out to you again. You shouldn’t be upset about it, since you should be working on yourself as well. In fact be happy for them. We all have destinies and if we’re always goofing off with our friends and never giving time to reflect and make our vision a reality, we will lose it all. I used to get upset when someone wouldn’t want to spend time or talk to me and realized that the world doesn’t revolve around me and I decided to try something different at 23 years old. I simply blocked the toxic people in my life, and for the rest, I stopped calling them. Weeks and months went by, no one called and I realized it wasn’t important to me as I originally thought. Eventually, I had a few people reach out to me who had some intention to do so. I no longer had to call people. The people who were meant to be, kept contact with me. Through all this, I humbled myself, and experienced the epiphany of friendships being great, but visions exceedingly greater. When we learn about vision and get closer to the goal each day, a window is opened to filter out the mindset of the past. We begin to accept that we don’t need to be acknowledged, we need to grow. If we grow, others will be inspired and want to speak with us for the sake of growth. Friendship isn’t people we talk to everyday, it is between people that reach out to one another when ever it is needed to exhort one another to become a greater version of themselves. Friendship is not limited to everyday contact, there is no handbook to this type of relationship. It doesn’t owe the opposite party anything, it only builds one another. When contact is needed, positive words are exchanged and established. Friendships aren’t dependent, they are independent and any exchanges of words or advice benefit both parties to improve.

Eric, if you’re reading this, you’re an amazing, fantastic friend. I know that we may not be calling each other everyday, but that doesn’t matter. In spirit, we are always near and our friendship is eternal. Love you, bro. Be blessed and fly like an eagle. Forget about the chickens. Happy 22nd birthday!

Don’t be alarmed if you are alone, you will attract the people you need at that moment. Wishing you all the love and growth to whoever is reading this.



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