Short post

We are at the beginning of the week and Easter is coming up. A couple of days ago, I found out my cousin lost her child due to a genetic disease and I truly feel for her. This is her second child that she has lost due to a rare genetic disease. People might start pointing fingers and claim that the creator is punishing people by striking their children. I don’t believe that the creator has anything to do with it. I firmly believe their is a balance throughout our existence. Like good and evil coexisting with one another, we wouldn’t understand life without knowing death.

I do not know the answers for children dying and it is not my place nor anyone’s to list a reason. We can only answer for our own lives. How we live and where we go in our journey is up to us determine. How we choose to live may impact others, but cannot make decisions for the other party. I do believe that through these horrific and devastating stories, we learn to appreciate people around us, and value life in general. Even our laziness diminishes a greater percentage. Our recognition of the value of the time and experience teaches us that we have today and tomorrow isn’t always guaranteed. While we can make an impact, we must strive to do our best and to eliminate our self inflicted limits.

I want to end this post with three points.

1.) Be your truest self and live

2.) love and value the individuals around you.

3.) always go beyond your fictitious limits.

I love you all ❤️ always stay positive and keep sailing forward.

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