Walk your own journey and let them trip.

My title may sound a bit harsh, and perhaps unexpected from a person such as myself. I hate to break anyone’s false expectations of me, but I do not find in delight for people who try to control the path of others. Control is the opposite of free will. The only type of control that is acceptable to the universe is the control of our journey. So many young people have such potential in innovating their ideas, starting a business, creating artistic contents, etc. Don’t be that person to crush their potential and call their plan foolish. The only fool is you because you fail to realize that you aren’t living your potential and are continuing this unhappy, and unfulfilling that you have conveyed. Change your mentality; look within. Find your passion and goal, it doesn’t matter if you’re older than 60. You will find it if you decide to go on the scavenger hunt. When you find that golden egg, be that person that the younger ones can look up to, to follow their dreams and passions.

The YouTube link above features a song that I’m listening to right now. Super random song, but it has an amazing point about love. When we love someone, we shouldn’t perpetuate in hurting our partner. Hurting them is only a reflection that we have certain characteristics we must work on improving. To do this pain free, it is better to vent it out another way like screaming into a paper bag, or when you’re alone in the car or at home. Your spouse does not deserve to be yelled at over an inner conflict that you’re living through. If you must include your partner in a particular conflict, don’t yell at him/her for not understanding, only ask for them to listen. All they can do is listen. As for the rest, you must decide the best route in diminishing the inner pain. Your loved ones truly care about you, never forget that. Quick reminder, never look down at yourself if you’re going through a struggle. Everyone has struggles, some visible and some invisible. Never assume that everyone is living a perfect life but you. I promise you that they just know how to hide it better.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Have a happy Easter everyone! May you all be blessed and safe! Never give up on your goals. It’s all a process we are going through. Results take time, please be patient.

I love you

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